Instructional Associate - Welding Technology

Orange Coast College
Costa Mesa, California
$47,484.00 - $57,780.00 Annually
Jun 19, 2017
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Orange Coast College


Instructional Associate - Welding Technology

Job#  O-047-17

Salary:  $47,484.00 - $57,780.00 Annually

Deadline: 05/22/17  


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Under the direction of an assigned supervisor, division dean, or dean's designee, perform a wide variety of responsible instructional assistance and support functions in accordance with assignments and directions from a classroom instructor or other academic personnel.



This is a very broad classification in the instructional associate area.  Positions assigned to the class of Instructional Associate are assigned one or more sets of related duties in the assistance and support of a classroom Instructor or other academic personnel.  Specific tasks may vary depending upon the subject area and discipline to which assigned.  Work is performed within a framework of established procedures which may not require the physical presence of the Instructor.  Positions in this class may exist in any of the instructional department or division. Incumbents in this classification are expected to have completed a minimum of two years college with a major in the subject area to which their position is assigned.


EXAMPLES OF DUTIES:  Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Provide a variety of learning activities to students in the designated Welding Technology classroom and laboratory, reinforcing instruction related to the Welding Technology program.

• Assist students with developing and attaining skills, knowledge, and abilities related to various areas of Welding Technology such as those described in the applicable program and course descriptions and respective course outlines of record.

• Inspect, operate, and maintain a variety of equipment used in the field of welding such as, but not limited to: band saws, drills, grinders, Scotchman Ironworkers, metal brakes, metal shears, air and vacuum ventilators and hoods, hoists, single and multi-process welding machines including, but not limited to: shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), oxy-acetylene welding, plasma cutters, water jets, CNC operated cutting tools and robotic welders, power and hand tools, measuring devices, etc. and assist students in the operation of said equipment.

• Fabricate and maintain structures, apparatuses, and equipment in support of the Welding Technology classroom, laboratory, and related instructional activities.

• Provide technical support to students in learning inspection, troubleshooting and diagnosing problems and malfunctions, fabrication and maintenance, and other techniques and activities.

• Advise and assist students with maintenance and repairs to electronic devices, components, and equipment; assist students in performing tests on equipment and replacing defective or broken components.

• Set up and oversee experiments and equipment; plan, organize and lay out lab tasks and projects; interpret and explain diagrams, sketches, schematics, technical manuals and specifications. Organize and maintain clean, safe, and organized classroom, laboratory, and work areas.

• Assist in the conduct and administration of classroom and laboratory assignments, exercises, and tests under the direction of an instructor or other academic personnel.

• Monitor individual progress of students and discuss problems, areas of concern and/or improvements with instructor.

• Provide students with assistance and training in the operation of various laboratory and classroom equipment, materials, and machinery.

• Advise students on improved study methods; explain concepts, principles, and terminology to students as needed.  Provide assistance and referrals to students regarding various resources available.

• Prepare, operate, and maintain laboratory testing and instructional equipment and supplies; may operate classroom computer, audio/visual equipment, and/or microcomputers.

• Orient students and new faculty on the procedures used and equipment available within a learning laboratory facility.

• Assist in the administration and scoring of various examinations, and practical exercises.

• Assist in the preparation of instructional materials and study aids to be used by students or faculty in classroom, laboratory, and individual study situations.

• Stock, issue, track, and inventory instructional materials and equipment; maintain record and inventory of supplies and equipment used; assist in procuring new or replacement materials as necessary.

• Enforce use of personal protective equipment; provide security and appropriate safeguards for tools and equipment.

• Assist instructor in maintaining attendance and enrollment records of assigned class or laboratory.

• Assist with the development and monitoring of the budget.

• Recommend appropriate learning materials to be used by students in accordance with the instructor's approval.

• Assist with planning, coordinating, and scheduling events, activities, shows, displays, and related demonstrations.

• May train and supervise temporary/hourly staff and student assistants.

• Perform other related duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.



Knowledge of:

• Terminology, techniques, equipment, materials, principles, theories, practices, and procedures related to the assigned subject matter or discipline.

• Principles, methods, procedures of instructing, providing learning opportunities and guidance to students.

• Administration, scoring, and interpretation of exams and practicals in the subject matter area or discipline to which assigned.

• Instructional methods and techniques.

• Basic practices, methods, and procedures involved in the preparation of instructional materials.

• Set up, operation and demonstration of various instruments, tools, and equipment related to the assigned subject matter or discipline.

• General curriculum standards, requirements, interpretation, and application in assigned subject matter or discipline.

• Modern office and laboratory equipment used in an educational setting.

• Methods and procedures used in standard record keeping and statistical compilation.

• Classroom and laboratory procedures and rules of conduct.

• English language composition, syntax, grammar, usage, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation sufficient to compose specialized correspondence.

• Human relations skills to facilitate group processes, deliver presentations, and explain technical concepts to students with diverse backgrounds.


Ability to:

• Independently perform the duties of the position, following well-defined policies and procedures.

• Perform a variety of instructional assistance and support functions within a specific subject matter area or discipline.

• Monitor student progress and identify problem areas and areas of relative learning progress.

• Prepare, operate, maintain, and demonstrate classroom and laboratory equipment and materials and to acquire these abilities when new equipment is added to the discipline.

• Provide learning activities to enhance student skills, knowledge, abilities, and comprehension.

• Present materials, deliver presentations, and perform demonstrations to reinforce instruction in designated subject areas.

• Assist with student drills, exercises, practices, and assignments.

• Set up, operate, and demonstrate the safe use of various instruments, tools, and equipment related to the subject matter or discipline.

• Perform general inspection and maintenance of classroom and laboratory equipment, document discrepancies, generate appropriate repair requests, and make arrangements for repair.

• Prepare and maintain accurate and up-to-date records, files, and other documentation.

• Operate standard office equipment and perform clerical work of average difficulty.

• Understand and carry out both oral and written directions.

• Learn and impart classroom or laboratory procedures to students, co-workers, and faculty.

• Calculate and score written and practical exams.

• Work with a significant degree of independence and exercise good judgment.

• Develop and maintain records, logs, files, and statistical information as assigned.

• Organize work, set priorities, meet schedules, and adhere to timelines.

• Supervise and train temporary/hour staff and student assistants as assigned.

• Establish and maintain effective work relationships with others related to, involved in, or in the proximity of, the performance of required duties.

• Observe, protect, and maintain the confidentiality of student educational records and information in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), California law and college policies.

• Foster and demonstrate acceptance and respect the diverse population of community college students.


Education and Experience:

• Associate's degree in the assigned subject matter or discipline.

• Two (2) years' experience instructing, tutoring or assisting in the instruction or tutoring of adult students in the subject area or discipline to which assigned, including work providing laboratory support.

• Or, any education and experience that would provide the equivalent qualifications.


Licenses and other requirements:

Valid and appropriate licensing and certification related to assigned subject matter or discipline may be required.

May require a valid class C California driver's license.


Conditions of Employment

This is a full time, 12 month per year position. The normal hours of work are to be arranged between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Shift varies with semester course offering and need. May be assigned to other departments and areas as required. Contingent upon funding, to be renewed fiscally.  The effective date of employment will be arranged with the supervisor.


Coast Community College District is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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