Looking for Field Techs - Repair Vacant Homes

Real Estate Inspection and Recovery service, Inc.
Omaha, NE
Jun 16, 2017
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Seeking qualified individuals or a team who want to run their own crew as an independent contractor. Basic tools are needed for this job: reliable work truck/van, air compressor, generator, cordless tool sets, large assortment of hand tools, ladders (bid and small), lawn mowers, string trimmers, and trash trailer (12 to 16 foot tandem axle is preferred). Some of these items can be acquired as you go. This is a simple line of work if you have a good work ethic and can self manage, plenty of energy, able to organize and manage yourself, and can read and follow client instructions then this will be a good fit for you. Job types vary from day to day but at a minimum you should be able to complete grass cuts, snow removals, winterizations (test and shut down), lock changes, window boarding/reglazing/replacement, trash outs, damage inspections and general repair work. This is considered as an entry level position, you really do not have to be an expert, just have common sense, an eye for detail and tools. Roofing and plumbing equipment and experience is a plus. You are required to have a computer, smart phone with data capabilities, internet and average computer skills. Nothing we do is fancy so for those of you that are custom remodelers or cabinet builders - this may not be a good fit for you. This is 80% labor and 20% skilled trades. Background checks are big in this industry and are required before work can begin. If interested please submit a Resume and/or Work History and all Contact Information. Name, address, phone number and email address.

Company Description
REI has been in the property preservation and construction industry for 30 plus years. Based in Nebraska City Ne
REI provides maintenance and repair service to the asset management Industry and consumers.
REI provides service in the following states. Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.

Omaha, NE


Thu, 15 Jun 2017 08:03:35 PDT