Information Technologist I

Jun 14, 2017
Administrative Jobs
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Working/Functional Title

Incident Response Security Analyst

Position Summary

A security analyst is responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of data and systems. The security analyst has to have knowledge of many aspects of information security within the organization. This position requires in-depth technical experience in security aspects of multiple platforms, operating systems, software, communications and network protocols.  The security analyst would be responsible for development of IT security policies, periodic verification of policy compliance, performance of technical risk assessments, and act as a technical lead on small security related initiatives. They must develop reports to share with administrators about the efficiency of security policies and recommend any changes. They must ensure that all security systems are current with any software or hardware changes in the organization.


This position will require a highly qualified individual who has strong problem solving and technical skills; is a strong critical thinker who is detail oriented; can analyze and process large data-sets. This individual should be able to be responsive and biased towards speed and execution; can work under pressure across multiple roles and hierarchies,is highly collaborative but can also work independently, and is innovative.


Unit Specific Education/Experience/Skills

Knowledge equivalent to that which normally would be acquired by completing a four-year college degree program in Computer Science, Information Systems, Business or related information technology field, with coursework in an information technology specialization related to the area of employment; one to three years of related and progressively more responsible or expansive work experience in tracking and developing complex projects in an intensive development role with multiple high priorities and producing results in a time-sensitive environment; programming and/or scripting experience; capable of compiling large, disparate data sets into consumable, human-readable formats ; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Desired Qualifications

  Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills

•  Ability to learn new tasks/technologies with minimal oversight

•  Excellent customer service skills

•  Experience with Security Event and Incident Management (SEIM) systems such as Splunk

•  Experience with Vulnerability Management toolsets such as Nessus, Qualys, or Nexpose

•  Experience deploying and analyzing enterprise-level antivirus

•  Experience with Intrusion Detection Systems such as Juniper, Snort, or Suricata

•  Knowledge of computer networking, including TCP/IP, IPSec, and communication protocols in LAN/WAN deployments

•  Knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory

•  Experience with Windows/Linux operating systems including system administration and CLI

•  Excellent interpersonal/communication skills (both verbal and written)

•  Ability to understand, discuss, and explain technical issues with diverse audiences

•  Security certifications, such as:

   o  Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

   o  Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

   o Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

Required Application Materials


Work Hours



Bidding eligibility ends on 6/20/17 at 11:55 PM.

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