Assistant/Associate Professor of Education (Curriculum and Instruction)

Requisition Number: 201700028F

Department: Dept of Curriculum and Instruction

Experience Requirement: Extensive, documented experience in integrating technology into PK-12, corporate, higher education, medical, or military instructional design. Demonstrated ability to design, develop, and deliver distance courses in synchronous and asynchronous modes. Experience effectively using multimedia modes of instruction via distance learning technologies and tools. Expertise in theories, technologies, and methods associated with instructional technology; and knowledgeable in the development and applications of these over time.

Usual Duties: Teach graduate courses in the Instructional Systems Design and Technology Program, and other courses as needed. Help trainers/educators to effectively design technology-enhanced instructional systems that serve the diverse needs and abilities of all learners. Work with traditional and non-traditional student populations. Assist with collection and analysis of data directed toward program improvement. A major component of this position will be promoting the masters and doctorate programs and recruiting cohorts. As a member of the department, the applicant will be expected to be a part of the various committees and provide leadership. The applicant will serve at all levels of the university, and maintain a scholarly publication record.

Degree Requirements: Doctoral degree in Instructional Technology or related field.

Other Requirements for the Position: Main research and teaching area is statistical methods and/or qualitative analysis. Documented record of scholarly activities and a solid research agenda. Experience in data collection and analysis directed toward instructional and organizational improvement is preferred. The ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and an understanding of group processes. Experience working with diverse learners and differentiated instruction. Proven record of having served in leadership positions and demonstrated the ability to work collaboratively with colleagues. Having written and directed grants would be a plus. The applicant needs to demonstrate a willingness to provide service to the department, college, and university.

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