ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR HEALTH PROFESSIONS ADVISING   The Health Professions Advising Office at Duke advises and mentors approximately 400 prehealth students per class (a total of more than 1600 students and alums). Most students will apply to medical schools, although a small number apply to veterinary, dental, physical therapy, physician assistant, nursing and pharmacy schools.

The office currently includes a full-time Director and Assistant Director, and a small team of deans and faculty who advise prehealth students on a part-time basis. The office is now expanding and will hire a full-time Associate Director and another full-time Assistant Director. These two new positions will work primarily with the 400 applicants each year as they begin and go through the application process. This is a 12 month position, with significant effort required during May, June and July, and with occasional work on evenings and weekends. Applicants should be flexible and willing to adapt to the needs of the office as they arise. The Associate Director will report to the Director of the Health Professions Advising Office and will work closely with the other members of the Health Professions Advising team. 70%: The Associate Director will take responsibility for and oversight of the advising, mentoring and support of students and alums who apply to health professions schools each year. This will include reviewing the current procedures for advising applicants, determining how best to evaluate their readiness to apply, and developing an effective and efficient procedure for writing a committee letter of evaluation. The Associate Director will interface with medical schools and other health professions schools to understand their requirements and their expectations regarding applicants. The Associate Director will select a small group of letter-writers who will write committee letters for applicants, supervise the work of this letter-writing team, quality control the letters that are produced, and oversee the transmission of materials. The Associate Director will work closely with the new Assistant Director, and with the HPA staff assistant on this. It is expected that the Associate Director will meet with, advise, and write a committee letter for a proportion of the applicants. He/she should have strong descriptive writing skills and be able to summarize an applicant's achievements and abilities with clarity and discernment. 10%: The Associate Director will serve as a prehealth advisor to a first-year dorm (and to sophomores who were resident in that dorm). Observing how students enter Duke with prehealth aspirations and how they leave Duke with experience and accomplishment will provide for consistent and comprehensive advising and mentoring across all four years. 20%: The Associate Director wil lhave administrative responsibility for managing the budget, coordinating financialdevelopment, overseeing special programming, publications, maintenance of the HPA website, and use of AdviseStream. In addition, he/she will assess and statistically evaluate parameters of the applicant class, and ensure the development of an inclusive environment for students of diverse backgrounds. Required Qualifications: Education/Training: Work requires communication, analytical and organizational skills generally acquired through completion of a bachelor's degree program. Experience: Work requires experience in undergraduate pre-health advising and the ability to plan and administer programs and direct program activities within a specific functional area, generally acquired through four years of related experience or any other equivalent combination of relevant education and/or experience. Preferred Qualifications: Education/Training: Competitive applicants will have a masters, doctoral, or comparable degree and expertise in science, social science, research, or health professions. Experience: Applicants should have at least four years of experience in advising, mentoring, and/or teaching undergraduates at Duke or at a comparable university, and have knowledge of health professions schools in the US, including their requirements and application processes. Essential skills include an ability to gather information independently, to communicate effectively and efficiently in both oral and written forms, and the ability to work closely with a high-functioning team.