Director, Center for Health Outcomes and Informatics Research (CHOIR) - Faculty

Job Description: Loyola University Chicago seeks an experienced director of clinical health outcomes or informatics research to lead a robust and highly innovative team that will define the cutting edge of biomedical research. This individual will be passionate about the mission and vision of the Center for Health Outcomes and Informatics Research and have the expertise to make these a reality. The Center for Health Outcomes and Informatics Research (CHOIR), a component of Loyola University Chicago's Health Sciences Division, serves to educate and engage clinical faculty, healthcare professionals, resident physicians and health sciences students in the fundamentals of health outcomes research and data-driven healthcare delivery. CHOIR's primary objective is to create a data-driven culture in the service of improved outcomes and health equity. CHOIR is a core strategic collaboration between Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences and Loyola University Health System in their shared mission of education, research and service to others. In the Jesuit tradition, the phrase cura personalis speaks to Loyola's distinctive person-centered approach to education. The director will identify opportunities, needs, directions and assemble the requisite multidisciplinary teams to achieve CHOIR's goals. The CHOIR director will partner with research and informatics leadership to align and develop strategic initiatives and resources. Priorities will be to apply health outcomes and informatics research principles to impact health care delivery and change lives with a specific focus on health inequities and disparities. The director will collaborate with our affiliated health-care institution, Loyola University Health System, to ensure educational and research initiatives address pressing health outcomes needs for this strategic partner. The director will work in partnership with other regional, national and international institutions to identify and develop additional appropriate educational and research opportunities. Loyola University Health System (LUHS), a Trinity Health Regional Health Ministry, is a strategic partner with Loyola University Chicago and CHOIR in that it shares the same commitment to impacting lives of the community and larger population through its research and delivery of clinical care. LUHS provides resources and a local environment to conduct research; Trinity's national presence and vast health-care network provide significant opportunities to conduct large-scale research and broadly impact healthcare delivery.

Qualifications: Experience The ideal candidate will be a clinically active physician or nurse-scientist who has a reputation in trials and health outcomes with significant experience in funded clinical trials outcomes research, setting informatics strategy for clinical and population health management functions, and designing models for effective improvement of clinical quality, cost management and population health performance. * Previous experience in developing grant-funded research and in mentoring junior faculty members to expand their research portfolios to increase the visibility of the institution and programs * Extensive work with clinical outcomes research to improve the short- and long-term care of patient populations * An academic and research record that merits appointment to a senior-level faculty position at the university * Demonstrated track record of: o Linking clinicians, clinical researchers, nurses, nurses-investigators, pharmacists and others with data to improve patient safety, quality and cost of care o Liaising between clinicians and researchers to help identify and achieve research priorities o Operationalizing advancements from the research realm into clinical care delivery * Proven, substantial and progressive leadership achievement in a university with an affiliated academic medical center or within a medical school * National reputation as a respected and accomplished researcher, clinician and educator in health outcomes and/or informatics * Experience within an institution focused on improving health disparities for the community the institution serves * Demonstrated understanding and vision for how to grow a cross-organizational center to include a diverse group of faculty members from medicine, computer science, social work, nursing and others * Demonstrated ability to recruit, retain and mentor faculty internally and externally into CHOIR and an ability to support senior faculty, students and clinicians in their research, teaching and clinical endeavors * Demonstrated leadership in the advancement of a mission-oriented, university-wide center through the development of relationships with internal and external stakeholders to support the mission of the organization through funding opportunities and partnerships Characteristics * An open and direct communication style and a collegial presence that encourages consensus and alignment across faculty and department leaders from Loyola University Chicago, Loyola University Health System, Stritch School of Medicine, Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing and Trinity Health * Politically astute and charismatic leader with the ability to work within all levels of a complex university, health system and academic research center * High emotional intelligence to understand the needs and concerns of colleagues and contemporaries across Loyola University Chicago and its campuses * An ability to take a larger institutional view, in order to work collaboratively with other departments and centers that are integral to CHOIR's success Education * An M.D., Ph.D., or equivalent terminal degree * Advanced degree or training in health informatics preferred, but not required

Job Category: University Faculty