Academic Adviser

Jun 01, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
About The Unit: Office Overview The Office of the Dean of Students in the College has broad responsibility for the success of all College students. The Dean of Students reports to the Academic Dean of the College. The staff of academic advisers, senior advisers and deans provide: academic advising; counseling to a diverse student body around academic and personal issues, and long term planning; referrals for students to other campus resources; advice on applications to prestigious scholarships, as well as preparation for graduate and professional school. The Dean of Students staff needs to understand University policies and the College curriculum, and will also interact with faculty, parents and staff from other offices. Senior staff members (deans and senior advisers) lead office initiatives and committees, provide evaluations of transfer credit, liaison with the registrar's office and ITS, work with the Collegiate Masters and faculty program chairs in the majors on curricular revisions and the Catalog. The Deans are responsible for handling disciplinary issues and student status changes.

Unit Job Summary: The Academic Adviser position involves a case load of diverse students, with whom they work until the student's graduation. The Adviser meets with students regularly to provide advice on: course selection, choice of major/minor, planning academic program, progress towards meeting graduation requirements, study abroad planning, career planning and preparation. An Adviser also provides students with advice about personal problems, and regularly make referrals to professionals elsewhere in the University. An Adviser participate in office committees and other College initiatives, and serve as liaisons to the academic programs of study. Advisers must be knowledgeable about the curriculum, University policies, multiple systems for tracking student information and University resources for students. Essential Functions and Responsibilities 1. Academic Advising, with 35 other staff members in the Dean of Students Office (95%): - Oversee the academic programs of a group of undergraduate students - Monitor students' progress towards completion of their degrees - Help students resolve problems, refer students to campus resources, and be knowledgeable about the curriculum, study abroad programs, internships, campus jobs, student activities, graduate school, and career planning - Understand and interpret University policies and deadlines and be able to access information through various electronic student-systems databases - Monitors students' degree progress and make notes on student conversations. - Employ counseling skills for dealing with troubled students and be able to establish good working relationships with all types of students. 2. Participate in the curricular and operation functions as a member of the Dean of Student's Office (5%): - Participate in staff development trainings and weekly meetings - Serve on or chair office committees - Serve as a liaison to one or more academic departments and update staff on developments to majors and minors - Serve as called upon as a liaison to other campus partners - Other projects and tasks as assigned. An academic adviser's appointment is 9.5 months, and spans the regular academic year (early September through mid-June).

Unit Education: Bachelor's Degree required with a 5 year minimum gap between date of college graduation and appointment as Adviser. Master Degree or higher preferred

Unit Experience: Two years of relevant work experience required.

Unit Job Function Competencies: - Demonstrated ability to establish good working relationships with people of different backgrounds required?particularly those from diverse racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, religious, LGBTQ, and immigrant status backgrounds. - Demonstrated ability to work under pressure, and manage effectively competing demands required. - Demonstrated ability to master large amounts of information and integrate changes as they arise required. - Strong listening and communication skills required. - Interpersonal skills required. - Verbal and written communication skills required. - Ability to work independently and as a member of a team required. - Organizational skills required. - Problem-solving skills required. - Ability to manage stressful situations required. - Ability to maintain confidentiality required. - Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, set priorities, and meet deadlines required. - Familiarity with higher education structures required. - Initiative and experience in dealing with people required. - Familiarity with University organization, both academic and administrative preferred. - Strong commitment to young adults and the values and goals of a liberal arts education preferred.

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