May 31, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary This individual will participate in an ongoing project involving testing of novel compounds against in vitro growth of parasites and also in vivo in our well-established mice model. The project involves single drug testing as well as drug combinations in vitro and in vivo. The candidate will work fairly independently and it is expected he/she will be able to statistically analyze and interpret the data. In addition, the candidate will be involved in other related projects on the characterization of the targets for some of the drugs. This part of the project involves the use of molecular techniques, like DNA cloning, protein purification, northern and Southern blot analyses, handling of radioactive reagents, immunofluorescence microscopy, use of calcium indicators and others. General chores as supervision and training of undergraduate students, lab organization, ordering of reagents, assisting PI with development of animal protocols, contribution to publications, etc. Minimum Qualifications Bachelor's degree and some related experience or equivalent combination required. Area-specific certification and/or training may be required and other training will be provided as appropriate.