May 31, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary This Research Technician III position is responsible for management and oversight of the Steet lab main laboratory. As such, this person will be responsible for a range of duties including maintaining main lab chemical, reagent, and plasmid stocks, ordering supplies, as well as maintenance of biohazard, chemical and radioactive waste logs and disposal. This research tech III will also perform a variety of experiments as needed. These will include several biochemical assays, in particular lysosomal enzyme assays and western blot analyses. They will also perform a variety of molecular analyses, including PCR, general DNA cloning, and immunohistochemical stains of cultured cells. This person will also assist with certain daily duties in the Steet lab zebrafish facility. This primarily includes scheduled fish feeds, and tank and water maintenance. This person will provide supervision to undergraduate students, work study students, and research technician II's that are working in the Steet main lab. Minimum Qualifications Bachelor's degree and no experience or equivalent combination required. Area-specific certification may be required and training will be provided as appropriate (i.e. UGA HazMat training).