TA for Fall'17

May 26, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Emerson College

TA for Fall'17

Need Teacher's Aid for Fall '17 Business of Creative Enterprises course to assist P. Carl, PhD, Director, HowlRound & Co-Artistic Director, and ArtsEmerson Associate VP. Responsibilities include attending undergraduate class meetings; conferencing with students on rough drafts of writing assignment and questions on class readings; and developing course materials, including researching accompanying materials to class readings, photocopying material, scanning and uploading materials on canvas, monitoring class discussions on canvas..

Course is:
Developing an Aesthetic Sensibility through Creative and Critical Thinking
This course explores the critical conversation of understanding the way in which creativity is tied to aesthetics in the business world. Through dialogue with artists, discussions on the nature and function of beauty in today's society curated from assigned readings and self-directed aesthetic experiences, interpretive exercises and a multimedia documentation of these experiences in a portfolio, students learn to bridge aesthetic and business world views.

Required Knowledge:
Must have completed the WR600 course for TA position; Social Media

To apply, please visit: www.emerson.edu