Stationary Engineer/Maintenance Mechanic

Ypsilanti, MI
May 19, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
General Summary:

Operate and perform preventative and corrective maintenance and repair on stationary engines and mechanical equipment, such as high-pressure steam boilers, air compressors, motors, steam and gas turbines, and instrumentation and controls; and operate electrical switch gear. Substitute for regular stationary engineer during emergency situations or scheduled absence periods, whenever necessary.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
Perform routine and preventative maintenance, lubrication and repair of turbines, engines, boilers and other equipment; and prepare equipment for boiler inspections.

Use of hand and power tools.

Read and interpret blueprints, heat balance and flow diagrams, sketches and job specifications.

Maintain cleanliness of work and storage areas and all tools, vehicles and equipment used in the performance of duties.

Read various meters, gauges and automatic recording devices at specified intervals to verify proper operating condition of gas and steam turbine generators, boilers and other equipment. Operate monitoring and control computers.

Maintain daily operational records, such as temperatures of equipment, hours of operation, fuel consumed, electrical loads and temperatures and pressures of condensate, boiler feedwater and flue gases, as well as fluid levels in steam drums and de-aerators and other related information.

Fire and maintain prescribed operating ranges of gas turbines, steam turbines, boilers and other equipment by adjusting manual controls, overriding automatic controls, switching to auxiliary equipment or shutting down equipment.

Report any damage, malfunction, irregularities and/or potential hazards in buildings, grounds, equipment, vehicles or supplies to supervisor.

Perform water titration tests, and add chemical additive into tanks to prevent scale build-up.

Operate 4800V and 13,200V switchgear. Manually synchronize the 13,200V main bus and generator.

Take corrective action, as necessary, on alarms in boilers, turbine generator and switchgear.

Perform related Departmental duties as required. Qualifications:
Ability to read, write, interpret instructions and perform basic arithmetic, typically acquired through completion of a high school education, is necessary.

Ability to perform physically active work, required frequent walking, pushing, pulling and stooping activity, to perform routine Departmental functions; and to routinely lift and exert force up to 50 pounds, and occasionally 100 pounds, to lift and carry salt bags, turn valves and move materials is necessary.

Possession of a current City of Detroit Third Class Stationary Engineer's License or equivalent license for operation of boilers of at least 7,500 square feet of heating surface and turbines of at least 100 HP.

Demonstrated knowledge of, and ability to operate high-pressure boilers, and gas and steam turbines is necessary.

Ability to work various shifts, holidays, and weekends, as scheduled, is necessary.

Within the last six years, four years of directly related experience in the assigned field at the journey person's level is necessary.

Entry into confined spaces is required.

Possession of a valid driver's license recognized by the state of Michigan is necessary.

Ability to meet departmental standards of reasonable personal hygiene is necessary.