Formulation /PK Scientist

Cambridge, MA
May 19, 2017
Institution Type
Outside Academe

Job Description

We are currently recruiting experienced Formulation PK Scientist(s) to join our growing Company. Applicants should have experience in developing new proprietary formulations including small molecules and RNA based formulation development ( for oral or iv.) and/or PK analysis in biological matrices such as plasma and tissue. The ideal candidate should have the following qualities and skills nanoparticles drug delivery including nanosuspension and nanoemulsions and have a track record of success in solving complex problems within formulation development and process tech transfers and/or PK analysis method development. An MS/Ph.D. or relevant degree is required along with 3-5 years of post-graduate experience (some industry experience preferred).

Company Description
Boston Biomedical is an industry leader in the creation and development of next generation cancer theraputics. Our most advanced program involves inhibitors of cancer stem cell pathways. Cancer stem cells have been shown to contribute to both recurrence and metatasis. Because cancer stem cells are thought to be resistant to current chemotherapies, we believe that focusing on stemness pathways may hold promise for advancing cancer treatment. In addition to our advanced cancer stem cell pathway inhibitor program, we have several compounds, which include peptide vaccines and immune response modifiers, in preclinical and early clinical development.

Boston Biomedical is a fully integrated oncology drug research and development company with expertise in drug discovery, crystallography, medicinal chemistry, preclinical development, pharmacology, pharmaceutical development, CMC (chemistry, manufacturing and control), global clinical trials and regulatory affairs. Our scientists have established a track record of accomplishments in a short time, including the discovery and ongoing development of multiple compounds and programs.

As our compounds moved forward in development, we began building out our commercial operations group in 2013.

Boston Biomedical has created a unique corporate work environment. We aim to continue to leverage our innovation-driven culture, scientific leadership and drug development expertise to advance the development of novel cancer therapeutics for patients with cancer.

Cambridge, MA


Fri, 21 Apr 2017 13:59:50 PDT