Geologist/Mudlogger/Drilling Manager #2

Decollement Consulting Inc.
Denver, CO
May 18, 2017
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Job Description
Our company is hiring experienced geologists, mud-loggers, and drilling consultants to work in the Rocky Mountain region. Well site geologists and drilling managers, live and work at a well site working 12 hour shifts from within a trailer at the oil rig site. They describe rock sample cuttings circulated during the well drilling process and maintain gas monitoring equipment that collects total gas(TG), gas chromatography information for the exploration company's geologists. A background in geology, chemistry, geochemistry and basic computer, mechanical & electrical skills are required to create the mud logs and keep all monitoring instrumentation, equipment and trailer facilities functioning during the well drilling process.

Employee geologist may be living and working in a trailer, in a remote location for 2 to 3 weeks at a time sometimes longer. This type of job requires a lot of scheduling flexibility from the employee however it enables the freedom of not being tied to a fixed work schedule. This job is perfect for individuals that love outdoor activities such as camping and travel throughout the Rocky Mountains.

Decollement provides ongoing personnel training. Percent in-house courses included well-logging, DST interpretation and quality control, subsurface facies analysis, porosity and permeability analysis from drill cutting, and carbonate and clastic core analysis.

The strongest candidates for the available position are those with over three years experience in the following areas:

-Well site Geologists
-Operations Geologists
-Sample and Facies Analysis
-Core and Cutting Studies
-Tailor Made Geologic Reports
-Mud logging and Total Gas Detection Service
-Geologic well site Consulting

-Well site computer and communications capabilities using 'wellsite systems' software.

Company Description
Decollement has provided high quality professional well site geological and gas detection services to the Rocky Mountain Region and gas industry for over 30 years.

Decollement's excellent reputation is built upon providing qualified, professional geological personnel. These personnel have supervised over 7000 wells for Decollement over the past 30 years.

Decollement has provided well site geological operations and gas detection services to the oil industry since 1979.

Decollement's steady growth has resulted in a strong client base and a highly professional group of over 15 geologists with an average experience level of over 20 years. Decollement provides mud-logging as well as well site geological services. Our geological personnel are well trained and experienced in the supervision, monitoring and analysis of mud-logging equipment and data. Our company clearly presents all data on the required scales with the completed strip logs available to the client at total depth, when you most need the information. Decollement provides comprehensive geological reports incorporating formation evaluations and show reports, in addition to all relevant engineering and lithological details. These reports are available very soon after project completion. Decollement is constantly trying to develop and improve our service and technology. Decollement management has a commitment to provide our clientele with highly capable, experienced personnel and quality service.


Denver, CO


Wed, 17 May 2017 13:18:00 PDT