Research Professional 1

May 18, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
About The Unit:

Unit Job Summary: We are seeking a Research Professional with expertise to investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of complex intestinal immune disorders, in particular celiac disease, using animal models. The candidate should understand research and regulatory standards of a laboratory environment including animal research and infectious models. The candidate must understand scientific principles to conduct research procedure in order to operate laboratory instruments and equipment. Animal research: The candidate must have experience with maintaining and managing rodent colonies. He/she will carry-out specific procedures including but not limited to viral infections, retro-orbital bleeding, retro-orbital injections, gavaging, animal sacrifices, dissections, isolation of gut related tissues. He/she will participate in the redactions of animal protocols. Bench research: The candidate will performed a wide variety of procedures including but not limited to flow cytometry, PCR, RNA extraction, Reverse-transcriptase reactions, Real-Time PCR, staining techniques, microscopy, protein purification, etc. Computer/Data analysis skills: The candidate must have excellent knowledge of Microsoft office (Excel, Powerpoint), imaging software (Adobe Photoshop), flow cytometry software (FlowJo). The candidate should have in depth knowledge of statistical methods to be applied. The candidate is expected to be able to converse with informatics staff. Communication skills: Excellent writing skills are required. The candidate will be responsible for redacting scientific manuscripts, abstracts and posters. In addition, excellent oral skills are required. The candidate is required to present the research at various forums including national and international conferences where oral presentations are expected. The position offers a unique opportunity to a highly motivated individual to participate technically and intellectually in leading edge bio-medical research. In addition to designing and conducting experiments, the successful candidate is expected to prepare his/her work for presentations at national meetings and to assist in the preparation of scientific manuscripts.

Unit Education: Doctoral degree in molecular and cellular immunology, vivo research required.

Unit Experience: One year of relevant experience required. Knowledge in virology is preferred

Unit Job Function Competencies: Attention to detail, and ability to troubleshoot and develop new experimental approaches. Advanced knowledge in relevant scientific field required. Advanced knowledge of research techniques or methods required. Knowledge of regulatory policies and procedures required. Analytical skills required. Problem-solving skills required. Attention to detail required. Organizational skills required. Verbal and written communication skills required. Ability to work independently and as part of a team required. Knowledge of Microsoft Office required.

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