Compliance Specialist & Affirmative Action/Title IX Investigator

Reporting to the Chief Diversity Officer, the Compliance Specialist & Affirmative Action/Title IX Investigator has responsibility for matters that relate to EEO and Affirmative Action, including compliance and investigations.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
• Utilizes the On-line Employment System in conjunction with the College’s Affirmative Action Plan to monitor recruitment efforts to ensure compliance with affirmative action search procedures. Reviews and approves search materials. Reviews and determines appropriateness of search waiver requests. Develops and administers policies related to search waivers for external hires and internal promotions. Coordinates and communicates search waiver decisions with Human Resources Office.
• Responsible for the development and implementation of an affirmative action plan. Compiles, analyzes, and interprets ethnic, age, salary, and other confidential employment data for SUNY, State, and Federal compliance reports. Composes narrative material for compliance reports; develops written materials to publicize affirmative action policies and objectives as they relate to the College’s goals; including reporting of efforts toward progress and goal achievement as they relate to the plan. Performs a review and update to the affirmative action plan on a bi-annual basis.
• Ensures compliance with Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action guidelines and labor laws as they relate to employment. Keeps abreast of relevant federal and state laws, and issues and developments in the affirmative action profession.
• Works with hiring departments to ensure that recruitment advertising is placed with diversity resources. Develops and administers programs focused on outreach programs including relationship building and resource expansion to diversify candidate pools for all positions. 
• Completes investigations of reported Title IX violations filed with the Title IX Coordinator. Works with management in the investigation and resolution of affirmative action/discrimination complaints filed by employees of the College using the State University of New York Discrimination Complaint Procedure. Provides assistance and data to SUNY Legal Counsel Office and other regulatory agencies reviewing discrimination grievances or routine compliance reviews. Conducts training and guidance to the Tripartite Committee as identified in the Discrimination Complaint Procedure. May complete investigations of complaints related to employees.
• Reviews and processes employee requests for reasonable accommodation under the ADA and other protected classes, ensuring compliance with federal and state laws. Performs appropriate written follow up to employee requests and secures necessary medical documentation in a confidential and secure manner. 
• Conducts on-going training sessions, briefings and workshops to ensure high awareness on campus and in the community regarding diversity, affirmative action and other related programs. Works collaboratively, as requested, with the Dean of Students on educational programs and activities. Conducts workshops on discrimination prevention. 
• Monitors promotion, transfer, and permanent appointment and merit increment transactions to ensure non-discriminatory practices. Performs statistical analysis and periodic audits and evaluation to ensure human resource practices do not cause disparate impact.
• Serves as the Domestic Violence Liaison to SUNY System administration for the campus. Serves as the campus point of contact for employees regarding domestic violence. Provides training, administers policy, ensures compliance and provides reports, with respect to domestic violence.

Required Qualifications:
Bachelor’s Degree is required. At least three
years’ experience administering EEO, and state and local Affirmative Action Plan (AAP)
compliance reports is required. Proven experience in development of affirmative action plans; knowledge of EEO/AA and ADA laws and regulations is required; demonstrated experience conducting investigations of discrimination/ harassment or other matters; demonstrated experience in using technology and software associated with data and statistical analysis; advanced computer skills including Excel and PC database tools; strong written, analytic and oral communication skills; ability to work collaboratively with a wide variety of constituencies and to work productively as a member of a team.

Preferred Qualifications:
A Master’s Degree is highly preferred.
Experience in higher education administration or public employment work setting is strongly preferred.
Experience with Title IX investigations is preferred.
Experience working with applicant tracking software is desirable.

To be guaranteed consideration applications must be received by June 16, 2017. 



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