Senior Classification/Compensation Analyst (Human Resources Consultant - Advanced)

Greensboro, NC
May 17, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Requisition Number S1195

Position Number 998970

Position Classification Title Human Resources Consultant

Functional Title Senior Classification/Compensation Analyst (Human Resources Consultant - Advanced)

Position Type Staff

Position Summary

Re-Posted, Previous Applicants Need Not Re-Apply, Still Under Consideration

Senior Classification/Compensation Analyst

The Department of Human Resources commits to the creation of an inclusive, collaborative, and responsive university by attracting, retaining, and developing a diverse community of talented individuals in support of the university's mission. The Department is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art employee services including talent management, professional development and organizational capacity, compensation, employee benefits, wellness and work/life balance, rewards and recognition, records management, employee relations, human resource information systems,and affirmative action and diversity, that promote innovation, creativity, and inclusion.

The Department of Human Resources is currently seeking qualified candidates to consider for the Senior Classification/Compensation Analyst position, Talent Solutions Team.

The Senior Classification/Compensation Analyst functions as the lead compensation analyst for the university, with responsibility for university-wide EHRA/SHRA status determination for new and existing positions and authority for EHRA compensation actions under the direction of the Deputy CHRO.

The position frequently advises managers and department heads concerning effective position management, organizational design and position design based on current guidelines and with in-depth understanding of departmental structure, issues, and work relationships. Incumbent coordinates and manages communication efforts on compensation matters with senior administrative officers, vice chancellors,deans, and department heads, conveys difficult, crucial decisions across divisional lines, and addresses complex and sensitive employee concerns and internal equity issues. In the compensation role, the position provides in-depth compensation and labor marker research, data analysis and salary recommendations for EHRA non-faculty and SHRA positions and employees.

Incumbent provides policy guidance to divisions, HR salary administration, and the university-wide budget office for implementation of all university-wide compensation activity. The position authors professional compensation reports and labor market analysis for EHRA positions using databases and surveys for bench-marking purposes. These reports are required annually by the Office of the President and UNCG administrations and used for salary determinations and budgeting projections. SHRA labor market analysis addresses recruitment and occupational labor market issues, as well as salary equity due to compression. the position provides guidance to budget and salary administration regarding implementation of statewide actions such as range revision or campus-wide occupational salary adjustments.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
Compensation Management including Job Evaluation, Analysis and Reporting

  • Serves as the Senior / Lead Compensation Consultant with primary responsibility on the evaluation of all for EHRA non-faculty positions and determination of new EHRA positions, based upon University of North Carolina System criteria, internal comparisons, and other relevant data.
  • Works closely with hiring managers, HR Business Partners, HR Talent Consultants, and others to collect information needed to formulate and complete the best job evaluation.
  • Evaluates new positions for placement in the EHRA structure based upon detailed analysis of organizational structure, duties and responsibilities, comparisons to existing positions, and other relative factors.
  • Independent research documentation and classification decisions are completed within UNC interpretive guidelines and university policies with recommendations for salary ranges or options such as labor market or equity adjustments.
  • Provides EHRA and SHRA labor market analysis to establish appropriate salary ranges, identify critical occupational areas for planning university-wide salary administration augmentation programs, establish or verify Office of Human Resource (OSHR) market reference rates or to evaluate individual or group salaries for retention efforts or equity evaluation.
  • Under authority form the UNC Office of the President, the position evaluates SAAO and EHRA salaries to establish salary ranges, evaluate labor market competitiveness that may result in salary changes for equity or merit and advise senior offices of labor market issues.
  • Conducts complex compensation research using a variety of methods and data sources including labor market studies or surveys, as well as, turnover rate analysis, internal equity reports, evaluation of salary compression relationships and span of control studies.
  • Responsible for annual analysis and salary reporting of all employees' salaries to the Chancellor under the Management of Flexibility Agreement with the Office of the President. Prepares salary equity reports and comparative data for equity and retention.
  • Work with key stakeholders and communicate difficult decisions in complex and sensitive situations;
    Reach mutually agreeable resolution in concert with university goals.
  • Advise senior officers on labor market issues;
    Conduct in-depth position analysis.
  • Evaluate placement of new EHRA positions and appropriate range determinations.
  • Conduct market analysis for review/establishment of appropriate EHRA salary ranges.
  • Evaluate individual salaries for retention;
  • Evaluate labor market competitiveness for equity or merit.
  • Conduct compensation surveys and comprehensives analyses using national databases.
  • Evaluate salary compression issues.
  • Evaluate recommendations for salary increases based upon internal equity, market comparisons, and other factors; Prepare complex reports.

Position Management

  • Oversees positon management for all EHRA non-faculty positions in coordination with the appropriate department heads and the Budget Office.
  • Reviews EHRA Position Designation requests and conducts analysis required for EHRA/SHRA determination. Reviews job descriptions and appropriate documentations for status changes (EHRA/SHRA).
  • Advises senior management on appropriate determinations. Assign and review all JCAT and CUPA codes, and ensures appropriate coding in the NBAPOSN and NZAPOS.
  • Reviews EHRA non-faculty and SHRA job descriptions status determination, approval and documentation of changes and employee consultation regarding various ramifications of such status change.
  • Evaluates positions and unit designs with managers for recruitment of a vacant position, organizational changes, initial department classifications or expansion requests.
  • Position management actions impact the managers and supervisor's university-wide by maximizing organizational design to use valuable staff of salary administration suggestions for best use of scarce skills and fund in our competitive labor market.
  • Utilizes a variety of business software, and mainframe technical computing applications such as DATAMART and JRS, in addition to FOCUS to create reports to extract data for comparative analysis, projects and surveys.
  • Reviews position designation requests.
  • Conducts analysis for EHRA/SHRA determination;
  • Determines, assign, and review JCAT and CUPA codes.
  • Works with budget office as appropriate

Project Management

  • Manages projects involving multiple positions such as organizational studies, reorganizations of departments and organizational analysis, and comparative salary and classification/compensation analysis.
  • Serves as project leader for HR compensation-related projects involving organizational reviews or studies, reorganizations, and comparative analyses.
  • Determines outcome of project.
  • Develops project steps and timelines.
  • Determines communication strategies.
  • Identifies and obtain required resources.
  • Coordinates with General Administration and the Office of State Human Resource when necessary.
  • Develops communication materials;

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Health Insurance - NC State Health Plan (NC Smart Choice)
  • Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, FSAs and more (NC Flex)
  • Retirement (Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System and Optional Retirement Program)
  • Disability
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Vacation, Sick, Community Service, FMLA Leave
  • Holidays
  • Longevity Pay
  • Eligible to become a member of the State Employees Credit Union
  • Employee Award Programs
  • Employee Wellness Resources
  • and more

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is a world-class, research intensive, regional University with a diverse portfolio of expertise and a particular focus on fostering healthy lives, vibrant communities and global connections. UNCG is a leading institution within the 17-campus University of North Carolina System. Recognized for its programs in the Music, Theater and Dance; Nursing; Business; Education; Life and Physical Sciences; and Health and Human Sciences, UNCG continues to grow its enrollment and enjoys the most diverse student populations of all the UNC system universities. With more than 19,000 students, UNCG has a significant and positive impact in North Carolina and the Greensboro/Triad area in particular. UNCG is nationally recognized for its distance learning initiative and serves many rural areas of North Carolina with its highly rated online educational programs. Established in 1892, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro was founded as the first public university in North Carolina for women. In 1963 the school became co-educational, but the legacy of providing both opportunity and excellence continues today.

Minimum Qualifications


Preferred Qualifications
  • Five (5) to Seven (7) years of directly related experience.
  • Master's degree in directly related field.
  • EHRA and/or SHRA Classification/Compensation experience

Alternate Option

If no applicants apply who meet the required competency level and training & experience requirements, then management may consider other applicants. Salary would be determined based on competencies, equity, budget, and market considerations.

Recruitment Range $61,000 - $66,605

Org #-Department Human Resources - 58401

Work Hours of Position 8 A.M - 5 P.M, Monday - Friday

Job Family Administrative and Managerial

Band Consultant

Competency Level Advanced

2-4 key competencies for successful execution of job duties, including chosen level definition:

Knowledge- Professional and Organizational
Knowledge of HR policies, procedures, best practices and their theoretical bases, demonstrated by the ability to relate HR programs to strategic plan to address complex or sensitive issues affecting clients. Collaboratively revises and approves programs, services, policies and/or procedures. Approves policy exceptions in programs of assigned area. Knowledge of HR area(s) and interaction with other areas demonstrated by the ability to develop and implement new or revised HR systems, policies, and/or procedures. Evaluates and revises policies and programs requiring extensive HR knowledge. Knowledge of current thinking in HR theories, best practices, trends, methodologies and innovations sufficient to develop and retool HR programs and systems to shape and redefine the capabilities of the HR function to support changing business needs and university strategic goals. Knowledge of relationships and interrelationships of issues across organizational boundaries. Incorporate the business' language when designing initiatives that support alignment of strategic business and HR goals. Knowledge of theory, practices, and principles of human behavior and learning; identifies future focused critical capabilities and behaviors and develops organizational and talent management programs necessary for the organization to achieve long-range business goals. Knowledge of efficient ways to capture and analyze information and data, using various tools, systems and programs to meet changing work needs; proposes using alternative methods as appropriate.

Advises and negotiates with clients to address dynamic issues which require an in-depth understanding of the client's organizational culture, issues and work relationships. Resolves complicated, sensitive, or unusual problems of an individual or systemic nature. Guides and coaches clients, co-workers, and/or subordinates in evaluating and resolving the most complex operational issues, often in overlapping HR program areas. Decisions may be precedent-setting.

Communication - Verbal / Written
Cultivates professional relationships with all levels of the organization to understand the business case and to have credibility when taking the initiative in difficult situations. Through effective negotiation and persuasion skills, encourages others in complex and sensitive situations to reach a mutually agreeable resolution that achieves business goals and maintains positive work relationships across the organization. Coordinates and manages communication efforts conveying difficult, crucial, and/or controversial decisions/results across organizational lines. Develops communication strategies and approaches necessary to convey complex or controversial information. Drafts communications that inform decisions and influence outcomes.

Open Date 03/28/2017

Close Date 05/26/2017

Job Close Date

Type of Appointment 1.0 (Full-Time)

FLSA Exempt

Salary Grade Equivalency 74

Number of Months per Year 12

Applicant Documents
Required Documents
  1. Resume/CV
  2. Cover Letter
  3. List of References
Optional Documents
  1. Reference Letter 1
  2. Reference Letter 2

Posting Specific Questions

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    • less than 4 months
  2. * Which of the following options best describes your higher education history?
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    • Bachelor's Degree or higher in a directly related field
    • Bachelor's Degree or higher in an unrelated field
    • Associate's Degree in a directly related field
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    • 3 years
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    • 1 year
    • less than 1 year
    • High School Diploma or GED
  3. * Please indicate how you learned of the vacant position for which you are applying:
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    • Personal Networking
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  4. * Do you have experience in classification, for the UNC School System?
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  5. * Do you have experience in EHRA Classification?
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  6. * Do you have experience in SHRA Classification?
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