Production Manager/Shop Foreman, Steel Construction

Oceanside, CA
May 16, 2017
Institution Type
Outside Academe

Job Description

Steel Fabrication Production Manager
Mid-Size Structural and Architectural Fabrication Facility Manager
Duties include:
1. Schedule the fabrication of multiple projects from start to finish for 2 facilities and 30 to 40 shop personnel. One will fabricate structural steel and one the will fabricate architectural steel, stairs and handrails.
2. Releasing shop drawings
3. Controlling material coming in from Vendors, then into shops for processing, lay out, fit-up, and welding.
4. Receiving material and inventorying loads.
5. Prepare and receive loads
6. Control loading and unloading of trucks. Direct flow of material from trucks, into the shop, through the fabrication stages and back onto trucks for shipment.
7. Prepare and receive shippers.
8. Prepare shop reports.
9. Control and receive fabrication documentation, such as mill certifications, Q.C. Reports, test reports.
10. Spot checking fabrication quality, and remedying fabrication bottle necks.
11. Control, receive and distribute welding supplies.

Desired individual will have many years of fabrication and supervisory experience, and be able to produce quality and timely fabrication, with an emphasis on high production. Computer skills are also a must.

Company Description
Campbell Certified, Inc. is dedicated to producing top quality structural and architectural steel. Specializing in commercial, industrial and large distribution projects. The work environment at CCI is a steady relationship. From owner to employee, consideration, and respect is important. The people that work at CCI are different from most other companies. They are positive, energetic people with a vision toward the future. CCI has diversity and people enjoy what they are doing. CCI believes that there is only one message between management and staff support and that is, "pride in product and in the people who make the product ." We at Campbell Certified, Inc. value our employees.

Oceanside, CA


Tue, 2 May 2017 11:08:01 PDT