Post-Graduate Preceptor, MAPH

May 16, 2017
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Four-Year Institution
About The Unit: Established in 1996, the University of Chicago's Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH) serves a diverse community of students engaged in innovative intellectual work that draws on the remarkable resources of the Humanities Division at Chicago. The MAPH Preceptorship is designed to support the academic work of the students in our one-year program and to enhance the teaching and advising credentials of recent University of Chicago PhDs. The MAPH community is close-knit and enthusiastic, and our success depends on the excellent work of our preceptors. Together with the rest of the MAPH staff, our preceptors actively engage with and help approximately one hundred new graduate students through an intensive year to a master's degree in June.

Unit Job Summary: The Division of the Humanities is accepting applications for our Post-graduate Preceptorship in the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH). Each post-graduate preceptor works with a group of up to 12 students throughout the academic year. Preceptors' responsibilities include: academic and professional advising; planning and teaching weekly discussion groups and grading in connection with Foundations of Interpretive Theory (the MAPH Core course) in Autumn quarter; planning and leading thesis writing workshops during the Winter and Spring quarters; serving on the MAPH admissions committee; teaching either a section of the College Humanities Core in Fall or Winter quarter or a stand-alone mixed undergraduate and MA-level class in Winter or Spring quarter; and participating in staff meetings and a range of social and academic program events. The position will run from 9/1/2017 through 8/31/2018. and the salary will be $45,000 over 12 months with benefit coverage and library privileges. This is a year-long appointment, renewable for up to one additional year upon successful review from the Directors. All applications will be reviewed by MAPH, the Humanities Division Dean's office, and the Master of the Collegiate Humanities Division. To be considered for the position, apply on line and submit the items through the application system as listed below. Note: please ensure your attachments match the appropriate category: 1. Cover Letter: to include detail of your qualifications, research interests, teaching interests, and experience. 2. Writing sample: no more than 12 pages. Any sample you think appropriate will be fine: an article, dissertation proposal, an excerpt from a dissertation chapter, a conference paper. 3. Curriculum Vita 4. Reference Contact Info: to be made up of letters of recommendation from two faculty members, with one reference speaking to your teaching qualifications. 5. Research Statement: This will be made up of two components as indicated below. Please know that only one PDF document will be allowed to attach as a 'Research Statement'. Therefore, we recommend you clearly label each component below as indicated below (and include your name on each document), and combine each component into one PDF file, which will be the file you will upload as a 'Research Statement'. a. Teaching Statement: A 250-500 word teaching statement discussing how you would teach or have taught a difficult theoretical text. Alternatively, you might discuss an experience you have had learning how to use or engage with theory. b. Department Note: A brief note from your department certifying that you completed or are on track to complete your PhD degree within 7 years. 6. Other: Contact Associate Director, Maren Robinson at to make arrangements to obtain a sample student paper. You are to make comments on the student's paper. Further instruction will be provided upon request of the sample paper. All of the 6 components listed above are to be submitted via the on-line application system no later than August 18, 2016. No hard copies or email versions will be accepted. Questions about applications and about MAPH should be addressed to Maren Robinson ( Our final decisions will be strongly guided by the main areas of academic interest represented by our incoming class. For a sense of who our students are and how the program is structured, please visit our website at

Unit Education: PhD from the Division of the Humanities, the Divinity School, or humanistic Social Sciences at the University of Chicago required with the following caveats: Candidates will have received or be on track to receive the PhD prior to the start of the preceptorship and will have earned the degree within 7 years of matriculation into the PhD program (not counting leaves of absence), and if the degree is already earned, it must have been earned within the last two years. To be on track means to have completed all degree requirements, including deposit of the thesis with the Dissertation Office by September 11, 2017.

Unit Experience: Experienced teacher required

Unit Job Function Competencies: Required Enthusiastic about working closely with a diverse group of first-year graduate students Thoughtful, experienced teachers with a demonstrated strong ability to teach argumentative writing Comfortable engaging with and teaching critical theory Able to effectively help students understand how the disciplines work at the graduate level Able and eager to work with interdisciplinary projects Well-informed about MAPH Well-informed about the Humanities Division Mature, energetic, and intellectually flexible Interested in being part of and welcoming students into an academic community This is a year-long appointment, renewable for up to one additional year upon successful review from the Director.

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