The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology
Seattle, Washington
May 15, 2017
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Four-Year Institution

Our mission is to train people to be competent in the study of text, soul, and culture in order to serve God and neighbor through transforming relationships.


You know you’re not perfect. We know that too, but below we’ve described our ideal candidate. In the end, we’ll hire a real, flawed, courageous human person.

  • You’ve gained wisdom through scripture, community, worship, study, and service. You understand the integration of theology and psychology because you’ve experienced it in yourself.
  • You are unashamedly Christian and deeply committed to a theological perspective rooted in the Nicene creed, and you also play on the edges of the orthodoxy playground.
  • Your bookshelf is full of texts on theology, psychology, and culture. You have the ability to articulate ideas in sophisticated ways for a graduate level audience.
  • You are charismatic and know how to connect with people of wealth and close a deal. You get energized by the challenge of fundraising.
  • You face challenges head on and are able to sustain the work – even the unpleasant bits – with resilience and persistence.
  • You are a collaborative leader of leaders. You know how to make hard, unpopular deci­sions but also activate and empower the ideas in the organization.
  • You recognize the changing landscape of theological and psychological education and the need for innovation to respond to these changes. You are not afraid to take risks.
  • You see the forest and the trees. You can build long term strategic partnerships with out­side organizations yet engage the concerns of a student leader.
  • You are culturally literate. You are aware of society’s shifting ideas and are willing to step into tensions in order to advocate for the inclusion of diverse voices.
  • You are an authentic person. You have entered the depths of your own personal pain as well as celebrated with abundant joy.


A normal day as President of The Seattle School might include any of the following

  • Provide executive leadership for the sustainable health of the institution.
  • Raise funds through developing relationships with donors, grant makers, and strategic partners.
  • Discern vision and ethos and continually refine the vision through collaboration with internal leadership.
  • Develop sustainable systems for planning, governance, and operations in support of engaged theological and psychological education.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other like-minded institutions that allow the school to be a player in the larger game.
  • Develop a strategy to export the ideas of the school into the larger community, particularly the church.
  • Develop institutional credibility through accreditation for students in professional licensure and ordination, particularly CACREP.
  • Stimulate the spiritual life of the school through shepherding employees and students, and creating common practices of prayer and worship.
  • Serve as a resource for curriculum leadership and talent development in collaboration with the Chief Academic Officer.
  • Teach and write within areas of interest and expertise.


  • Doctorate strongly preferred. Master’s required, which preferably includes integration of theology, psychology and/or business.
  • Effective fundraiser, especially in building relationships with high-level donors, foundations and grant makers.
  • Familiarity with The Seattle School.
  • Well-articulated faith in Jesus, able to tell the story of their own faith journey.
  • Proven leadership and administrative skills including the ability to manage, motivate, and develop others in an academic or non-profit setting.
  • Interdisciplinary or trans-disciplinary experiences – a career change or studied deeply in multiple fields.
  • Comfortable praying and speaking in public.
  • Proven track record in creative or innovative program development.

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