Distribution Center Manager

Denver, CO
May 12, 2017
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Job Description

Distribution Center Manager

We are seeking an experienced (DC) Distribution Center Operations Manager whom will be accountable for leading, directing and managing inbound and outbound operations to ensure consistent high level service quality, customer satisfaction, profitability, cost efficient operations and compliance with company policies and procedures.

This position will be located at our Distribution Center in Denver, CO.

Local Candidates only. Relocation not offered.

Key Responsibilities

Responsibilities and essential job functions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Leads, supervises and manages an inbound team to ensure that the staff physically and systemically receives all inbound product, to include floor loaded containerized ocean freight, FTL, LTL, and small pack product in an accurate and timely manner;
  • Leads an outbound shipping team that is responsible for the accurate and timely shipping and order / transfer verification of all product being shipped out the door;
  • Using scanners (RFID), ensures the teams perform scan verification on all inbound and outbound product for order fulfillment, identifying any and all overages, shortages, and mis-picked product for all sales channels (i.e. retail, wholesale, ecomm, will call etc), Distribution Centers, LTL, Rail and Ocean shipments;
  • Optimizes Lean Concepts and strategies resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy with demand fulfillment and outbound shipping;
  • Performs periodic Gap Analysis (monthly and as needed) to evaluate increased performance opportunities. Track and manage areas of improvements, maintaining a historical overview of accomplishments;
  • Performs at least one Kaizen event every quarter pertaining to inbound and one for outbound operations, quantifying results and improvements;
  • Improves dock to stock time from 24 hours to 16 hours within 90 days, and to 12 hours within 180 days and continues to drive Dock to Stock time to under 8 hours;
  • Maintains situational awareness of product consolidation requirements, and take appropriate action to consolidate product;
  • Works collaboratively with data teams to identify high velocity product and assign appropriate put-away locations for slotting opportunities;
  • Increases international container processing of 4 containers per day (24 hour DTS) to 6 containers per day within 90 days, and, within 180 days, establish stretch capacity capability of 8 containers per day;
  • Coordinates and prioritizes standard and Urgent / Hot inbound delivery appointments and product receipt by communicating with sales channels and customers;
  • Ensures you are familiar, and your team is trained on the process, for Over, Short and Damaged product receipt and reporting;
  • Maintains a Receiving Discrepancy Report;
  • Establishes a specific area for "frustrated / quarantined product" pending resolution for receipt;
  • Maintains constant situational awareness of the status of the receiving dock. Be aware of any "frustrated cargo" and ensure action to resolve is being taken. Tours entire dock and put-away locations at least hourly;
  • Tracks and monitors receiving progress throughout the day;
  • Advises leadership immediately when 24 Hour DTS is in jeopardy, after developing a get well plan of action;
  • Shares the get well plan with leadership, ensuring to quantify personnel and labor hour requirements to achieve required results;
  • Prior to end of day, reviews Delivery Scheduling tool to assess personnel and equipment resources necessary for next day support requirements;
  • Develops a daily plan of action, determining resource requirements, based upon next day activity volumes;
  • Improves shipping accuracy to 95%, order accuracy within 90 days, 98% accuracy with 180 days, and continue to drive improved shipping accuracy into 99% range;
  • Manages, monitors and tracks overtime. Reduces OT to 7% within 90 days, to 5% within 180 days and continues to reduce OT to a target of 3%. OT is not authorized unless approved by the DC Manager. A by name roster with expected activity to achieve during the OT period must be provided prior to expenditure of OT hours;
  • Ensures there is coordination for trailer / container delivery schedules / pick up times with all freight forwarders;
  • Plans and communicates sufficiently to ensure we always have shipping trailers / containers available at the dock;
  • Evaluates and ensures that the correct product goes on the correct truck, and that trucks are loaded in a manner to support route deliveries (i.e. first in the truck is last to be delivered, etc);
  • Ensures that a verification process occurs, and can be verified, to ensure the accurate manifesting of product into each truck / trailer / container;
  • Ensures that all supporting documentation for all outbound deliveries is complete and accurate. Paperwork must match the product in the truck/trailer/container;
  • Ensures all product is properly packed or palletized to prevent damage (heaviest on bottom, lightest on top), all product labels and destination labels are facing outward for easy scanning and product verification. Product must be tightly shrink wrapped, banded, or containerized (plastic totes) to prevent movement and or damage. Containers / trailers to DC's must have store product loaded last onto the trailer / container to expedite the offloading and processing of store product at the DCs;
  • Ensures that trucks / container / trailers are loaded to optimize container cube without causing product damage;
  • Ensures that trucks / containers / trailers are loaded using air pillows and are blocked and braced to prevent damage during transit. No pallets should fall over, or product become damaged during transit;
  • Ensures that a tracking process is in place to monitor and identify who loaded which product into which truck;
  • Ensures that ASN's (manually created spreadsheets) are completed accurately, contain all requested information for the customer (transfer number, PO Number, Part Number, Quantity) ship date, container number, ETA, driver info and forwarder info, and are disseminated on time;
  • Ensures all trucks / containers / trailers are loaded and prepared for departure to meet all outbound cut times. This includes local routes, full outbound trailers and containers for all routes, destinations, and customers. Evaluates opportunities to extend cut times;
  • Ensures drivers / forwarders receive all necessary paperwork to support and validate each shipment;
  • Ensures local route drivers use trip tickets, and reviews trip tickets to ensure drivers are accurately and properly populating the document. Reviews for positive and negative trends;

Continual Improvement
  • Maintains a clean, professional and safe working environment by inspecting and scheduling maintenance, and ensuring that all office and warehouse equipment is properly accounted for and in safe working condition;
  • Walks the dock with the off-going shift managers, ensuring that the off- going team has emptied all trash cans, floor is swept, pallets are stowed neatly, all equipment is accounted for and equipment is in its correct location, and work area is in an acceptable appearance, neat and clean;
  • Reminds and reiterates the 5S culture within the facility;
  • Ensures the dock is always in a high state of police, clean and organized;
  • Ensures that the outside shipping docks are clean, swept and organized. Pallet storage area is neat and organized;
  • Be the subject matter expert (SME) in the use of the receiving and shipping modules with the company's warehousing application;
  • Ensures all training materials, SOP's and WI's are printed and easily available in the work section for review by the team;
  • Performs random audits on shipping team functions, validating paperwork, and asking the team questions to confirm they are aware of their responsibilities;
  • Makes suggestions to leadership for changes and improvements to standard operating procedures, work instructions, and other documented training;
  • Works with senior management to develop plans and goals for the department, constantly looking for ways to improve;
  • Consistently reviews and evaluates processes for increased efficiency, cost savings, and performance;
  • Assess staff (performance (discipline/praise/leadership counsel/additions/reductions), while monitoring labor approved staffing levels for current and future activity to properly assess FTE and TEMP counts;

Personnel Resource Management
  • Manages email and trains team to manage email. Check Email every hour and respond as necessary;
  • Provides accurate and timely response and feedback to customers on various inquiries via email and phone;
  • Plans and monitors daily staffing schedules, and adjust schedules accordingly to ensure adequate staffing levels exist to support operational demands and business objectives;
  • Ensures weekend work schedule is posted and confirmed by Close of Business, on Wednesday of every week;
  • Ensures staff takes appropriate breaks and lunches;
  • Holds daily musters at the start of each shift with the team to obtain personnel accountability and provides daily assignments and expectations to the team. Use a by name roster to verify attendance;
  • Communicates with other all functional managers / supervisors throughout the day, to discuss any resource shortages or overages, working together to find a solution and achieve success in the operation;
  • Performs documented shift turnover meeting with the off-going / on-coming shift leader to discuss what was done, what needs to be done, any issues, or problems, sharing EOD report;
  • Ensures all personnel have a by name recall roster with contact numbers, and ensure the team understands how the escalation process works;
  • Be familiar with all shipping documentation and the flow of material and information within the shipping area. Ensure your team is trained on all outbound shipping processes and procedures;
  • Supervises and oversees administrative functions to ensure all paperwork is processed efficiently and in a timely manner and meets all compliance requirements;
  • Have a calm demeanor and train staff on the physical and systemic shipping processes;
  • Provides documented training guides, SOP's and or Work Instructions to the staff;
  • Reviews the training and operating material with the staff and obtain written sign off form the staff confirming receipt of the training;
  • Ensures directives, rules and procedures are communicated to and adhered to by all operational staff;
  • Ensures all ADP / time keeping requirements are met, and employee times are approved as required, and on time;

  • Provides visibility of daily activities to the Receiving and Shipping Teams through white boards, and daily shift meetings;
  • Trains and certifies new employees on all performance standards;
  • Maintains performance statistics, publishes and shares with the team on the Section Performance Board, and ensures accurate record keeping of all operational documents;
  • Develops and publishes training aids and performance boards for all receiving and shipping processes and activities;
  • Maintains a Receiving and Shipping Overview Report, capturing all inbound and outbound shipments;
  • Ensures shipping and receiving audits are performed on 50% of all received product daily;
  • Establishes an audit metrics, maintaining all supporting documentation for audits performed daily, weekly and monthly. Audits MUST also include the accurate administrative closing of all documents;

  • Fosters and continues to grow an environment of Safety;
  • Trains staff on safety procedures and obtain written signatures from the employees confirming receipt of safety training;
  • Trains and certifies new employees on all performance and safety standards and confirming receipt of training (to include MHE certifications if required);

Mentoring / Leadership Counseling
  • Utilizes superior communications skills to motivate staff and develop effective working relationships with peers, seniors and customers;
  • Conducts quarterly counseling and on the spot counseling as required to identify a job well done, and opportunities for improvement with the employees;
  • Personally coaches, trains and mentors direct reports and provides career development opportunities through training and quality management activities;
  • Conducts annual performance reviews for all staff within department;
  • Address all employee performance problems promptly and directly in accordance with TAP personnel policies and procedures;

Minimum Requirements
  • Bachelor's Degree with 4 years industry experience, or a minimum of 12 years industry experience;
  • Minimum 10 years supervisory or managerial experience required;
  • Current experience as a Distribution Center and or Operations Manager is highly desirable;
  • Forklift / Order Picker licensed;
  • Have experience with managing and optimizing a flex work force;
  • Intermediate proficiency in Microsoft Office, internet, web-based and job specific software applications (Pivot Tables, VLookup proficiency is mandatory);
  • Ability to read, write and speak English fluently. Bilingual (Spanish) preferred;
  • Identify and understand issues, problems and opportunities; comparing data from different sources to draw conclusions;
  • Analyze problems and develop alternative solutions;
  • Ability to plan, organize and manage multiple projects and set priorities;
  • Maintain stable performance under pressure; handling stress in a manner that is acceptable to others and the organization;
  • Use appropriate methods and a flexible interpersonal style to help build a cohesive team and facilitate the completion of team goals;
  • Read, analyze and interpret regulations and procedures, and respond to common inquiries or complaints for the department;

Licenses and Certifications
  • Valid state issued Driver's License;
  • Forklift Driver Certification;

  • Travel required less than 5% of the time;

Denver, CO


Thu, 11 May 2017 17:13:53 PDT