May 11, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary The Oral History Coordinator is responsible to the Head of Oral History and Media for coordinating the production, preservation, and access (including web-based access) of oral history collections at the Russell Library. The Oral History Coordinator supports the Oral History Program by collaborating with the Head in the management, description and arrangement, and curation of the oral history collections; assisting in the coordination of oral history projects; conducting and producing interviews; engaging and working successfully with project partners at all project phases; and by providing conceptual and technical support for oral history projects through training, workshops, fundraising, and outreach activities. Additional and important aspects of the position include assisting in and trouble-shooting general media playback and digital preservation and transfer operations of the Russell's audiovisual collections, supporting the creation of finding aids for all audiovisual materials, and participating in policy and logistics meetings of the Russell Library. The Oral History Coordinator is expected to have a grounding of experience in current videography and sound recording for documentary arts, and the theory of oral history, as well as their core and evolving practices in the digital age, and should grasp the fundamental principles of the field and discipline through a familiarity with video and oral history bibliography and resources. This position performs highly complex duties and exercises with an exceptional degree of authority, independence, and initiative in decision-making and creative problem-solving that requires careful interpretation and constant use of discretionary judgment. The Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies is a department within the University of Georgia Libraries, which reports to the University Librarian and serves as a center for research and study of the modern American political system. Established in 1974, the Library's original mission was to collect and preserve materials that document the life and career of the late Richard B. Russell, United States Senator from Georgia from 1933 to 1971. With particular emphasis on the role of Georgia and the U. S. Congress, current collection development and programming focus on the dynamic relationship of politics, policy, and culture?generated wherever public interest intersects with government. The breadth and depth of Russell Library's collections provide an interconnected framework of perspectives and experiences for understanding the increasingly diverse people, events, and ideas shaping Georgia's political landscape. The Russell Library pursues alliances and opportunities for collaboration with individuals and organizations that advance its mission. The Russell Library is a founding member of the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress and a primary partner and official repository for the Foot Soldier Project for Civil Rights Studies, a collaborative project dedicated to documenting and chronicling the activity and perceptions of lesser known participants in the civil rights movement in Georgia. The Russell Library staff consists of the Director (department head), seven archivists, one staff position, and several student assistants and interns. Minimum Qualifications See IT Matrix