Staff Scientist

May 11, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
About The Unit: A team of basic scientists, rehabilitation doctors, and a neurosurgeon is starting a program of research on upper-limb neuroprosthetics and brain machine interfaces with tetraplegic patients at the University of Chicago. The overarching goal of this program of research is to design algorithms to decode intended movements from patterns of activity in the motor parts of the brain and convey somatosensory feedback by electrically stimulating the sensory parts of the brain. We are seeking a staff scientist to play a leadership position in this study. Responsibilities include: Interface with regulatory agencies (FDA, e.g.), interface with the local institutional review board (IRB, e.g.), act as a liaison between basic scientists and clinicians, contribute to the design of the experiments, oversee the day to day data collection, contribute to the analysis of the data, help write scientific papers and grant proposals, and help oversee the junior staff involved in the study (graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, technicians).

Unit Job Summary: Staff scientist will help lead, oversee, and conduct experiments with human tetraplegic patients to restore sensorimotor function through brain-controlled robotic arms. Neural and behavioral data will be collected as the patient controls a robotic prosthetic arm through brain signals and receives sensory signals back from the limb through electrical stimulation of the brain. Staff scientist will be an integral part of a large team consisting of scientists and clinicians at the University of Chicago.

Unit Education: A PhD in neuroscience or related field required.

Unit Experience: A minimum of two years of experience with human tetraplegic patients required. A minimum of two years of experience with cortical interfaces required. Experience with Blackrock microsystems data acquisition and microstimulation equipment strongly preferred.

Unit Job Function Competencies: Ability to keep a consistent daily schedule required. Consistent record keeping required. Knowledge of relevant scientific field required. Knowledge of research techniques or methods preferred. Knowledge of regulatory policies and procedures required. Analytical skills required. Problem-solving skills required. Attention to detail required. Organizational skills required. Verbal and written communication skills strongly preferred. Ability to work independently and as part of a team required.

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