Production Shift Supervisor

Lebanon, PA
May 11, 2017
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Outside Academe

Job Description

Job Title: Production Shift Supervisor

Nature & Scope:

The primary responsibility of this position is to maintain a presence on the production floor to monitor employees, production, and various areas crucial to the safe and efficient manufacturing of quality products. These include but are not limited to equipment inspections, pulpers, stock movers, staging areas, molders and packers. Additionally, production supervisors are responsible for training new staff, insuring safety standards are met, preparation of production reports and assuring company policies are enforced fairly, firmly and consistently.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Incumbent is charged with the responsibility of insuring employees adhere to safe working procedures and practices. Also eliminate any unsafe conditions.

2. Responsible for the supervision of all hourly employees during your shift; this includes production, mold shop, maintenance and warehouse as required.

3. Meet with previous shift supervisor and together review production floor conditions to assure all areas have been properly maintained, cleaned etc. prior to beginning of the next shift. Prepare report of existing conditions and any actions taken to resolve problem areas. The report is to be signed by both the outgoing and incoming supervisors and submitted to the production manager.

4. Motivate, challenge and develop associates to achieve a greater degree of performance and effectively utilize labor resources to meet production requirements. Develop and promote teamwork by fair treatment of employees & conducting regular meetings.

5. Actively participate in and promote "lean manufacturing" programs to improve the production environment and throughput.

6. Actively participate in cost controls within their area of responsibility & authority to do so and provide timely and accurate production reports.

7. Review the production schedule established by the production manager, meet with the previous shift supervisor to determine the status of the current production run & meet with personnel assigned to their shift for instructions/assignments.

8. Inspect the pulping area to assure proper recipes, proper paper usage, chemicals, water etc. are followed.

9. Inspect the stock moving area at the change of shifts to assure that partial pallets are accounted for, stacking of the same product together, that it is wrapped & labeled properly, & check the finished goods pallets prior to staging. Determine the final total of finished goods from the prior shift.

10. Verify a forklift inspection was completed before the start of the shift, assure the carton area and partial racks are properly stacked and all materials required are available.

11. Inspect the molder area to assure the SOPs are followed, any production problems are addressed and the machines are running at an optimum ficiency.

12. Inspect the packing area to assure jigs (if required) are being used properly and only quality product according to specifications and quality standards is being packed on the correct pallets.

13. Perform evaluations of those under their supervision as well as provide guidance and make training recommendations to the production manager.

14. Attend periodic meetings and training programs as required.

15. Any other duties as required and assigned.


1. Must have a high school diploma and or a technical training certification from a vocational/ technical institution.

2. A minimum of 3 years of experience as a supervisor or similar position in a production environment.

3. Be computer literate.

4. Possess a demonstrated ability to understand the importance and value of working with others.

Job Standards:

1. Continually inspect all areas under their supervision during the shift.

2. Prepare reports as required prior to the end of the shift and communicate any concerns or problems to the oncoming shift supervisor.

3. Conduct performance appraisals in a timely manner.

4. Assure the accuracy of all production reports being entered into the system and or submitted to management.

Dominant Physical requirements and essential job functions:

This position requires the incumbent to be articulate in order to communicate instructions & assignments, must be mobile to make periodic shift inspections and able to safely and regularly lift up to 50 lbs. Additionally, regular and predictable attendance is required.

Company Description
Successful 52 year old manufacturer looking for strong Maintenance personnel.

Lebanon, PA


Wed, 10 May 2017 07:55:30 PDT