Designer CAD

Bunting Architectural Metals, Inc.
Verona, PA
May 10, 2017
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Job Description

1. Specification
1.1. Understanding drawing formats, numbering systems, submittals and revisions.
1.2. Knowledge / Experience with the product type.
1.3. Ability / Experience with fabrication, installation and basic construction techniques (welding procedures, forming, bending, coping, lamination, glue, paint, etc.).
1.4. Ability to develop ideas and/or methods for fabrication, conceive and weigh feasibility issues, field conditions, and real world circumstances.
1.5. Understand and take responsibility for stringent timelines and due dates.
1.6. Have knowledge of the RFI process and how to generate questions clearly and concisely.
1.7. Recognize the need for a professional communication skill set when interacting with management, employees and customers.
1.8. Attention to detail when revising drawings, maintain accuracy with markups, dimensions and views.
1.9. Ability to recognize potential problems with original design (be pro-active and constantly explore better ways to provide the product while not compromising quality).
1.10. Understand basic procurement practices and procedures.

2. Responsibilities
1.1. Create the necessary fabrication and installation drawings as required by Project Management.
1.2. Work with project planning and production to determine client needs and develop solutions to successfully deliver to company and client expectations.
1.3. Create drawings for prototypes and mockups for submittal to customer presentations.
1.4. Understand manufacturing/fabrication processes and shop production methodology.
1.5. Sketch concepts for conceptual brainstorming as well as for presentation.
1.6. Participate in Design/Engineering scope reviews.
1.7. Maintain file location and revisions according to shop drawing procedure.
1.8. Participate with Design/Engineering and Production to troubleshoot manufacturing and fabrication solutions.
1.9. Understand current trends, materials and innovations for industry products.

3. Technology
3.1. Computer aided design CAD software - AutoCad 2-D, Autodesk Inventor, 3-D Modeling CAD software
3.2. Enterprise resource planning ERP software - DRADIS proprietary software; FileMaker
3.3. Word processing software - Microsoft Word; MS Office Suite

4. Qualifications
4.1. Training
4.1.1. 2+ years Minimum knowledge of the required software (AutoCad, Illustrator, Windows platform, etc.)
4.2. Education
4.2.1. Associate degree in Design Engineering preferred
4.3. Experience & Job Training
4.3.1. 2+ years of experience working as a detailer in the fabrication industry
4.3.2. Working knowledge of metal fabrication
4.3.3. Working knowledge of construction/installation processes

Company Description
Bunting Architectural Metals specializes in Kynar® coated aluminum building envelope solutions, offering both custom and pre-engineered systems. Our turn-key model includes engineering, fabrication, and finishing under one roof. This allow us to deliver a complete cost-effective product with improved coordination and reduced lead times.

Verona, PA


Tue, 9 May 2017 12:51:52 PDT