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May 10, 2017
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Posting Information: Successful applicants will join a strong faculty in Western Carolina University's Catamount School, a newly commissioned lab school that will open in August, 2017. This is a 10 month position. The Exceptional Children (EC) Teacher/Coordinator will be expected to function as an integral part of The Catamount School's instructional leadership team, and will be responsible for overseeing programs that provide educational assistance to children with mental, psychological, learning, behavioral, or physical disabilities in addition to identifying children needing interventions through the Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS). Responsibilities include * Coordinating testing and subsequent reporting for all students in grades 6, 7, and 8 of The Catamount School. The Testing Coordinator analyzes data and works with The Catamount School's principal and faculty in understanding assessment data in order to generate effective responses to the school/students' needs. Essential components are the possession of substantive organizational skills and the ability to oversee/supervise the effective implementation of required state and county and district assessments. Duties include being responsible for training school staff in using formative assessments to enhance and engage student learning as well as facilitate the administration of state mandated assessments. Additionally, this individual will certify ethical testing practice within the school building. * Working together with content teachers as a co-teacher of groups of students. This individual will share in the planning, organization, delivery, and assessment of instruction, as well as the physical space. * Overseeing/managing a caseload of special education students and the implementation of their IEP/504 plans in: inclusive, self-contained and pull-out settings. * Ensuring appropriate delivery of both special education instruction and related services as stipulated on IEPs/504 plans. * Ensuring compliance by the school with all local and federal laws and regulation relating to students with IEPs/504 plans and students referred to special education. * Ensuring that services provided by contractual personnel are of high quality, provided in the LRE, and are aligned with students' IEPs/504 plans. * Effectively communicating to parents and guardians the special education process including process for referrals, evaluations, annual IEPs/504 plans, and re-evaluations as well as parental rights granted by IDEA. * Facilitating IEP meetings using a strengths based and family centered approach * Coordinating with student's special education team to ensure all documents are completed in a timely manner (according to state, local, and school policies and procedures) prior to MDT meeting. Connect with special education team to ensure all team members (including parents) are prepared for the content of the meeting. * Coordinating with The Catamount School team to complete quarterly IEP progress reports and provide quarterly IEP progress reports to parents/guardians. * Maintaining student files (paper and electronic) according to school and state/federal standards. * Providing training and technical assistance to teachers and other support professionals on all aspects of cases management: use of computer systems for the special education process, writing of goal writing, progress reports, annual reviews, and parent communication. * Ensuring IEPs are developmentally appropriate, curriculum/standards -based, strength based, and relevant to individual students. * Working to maintain a school tracking and data system that includes: student information related to IEPs, services, service hours, evaluations, referrals, time lines in which evaluations were competed and discipline incidents documented. * Identifying and developing appropriate curriculum and school-based assessments to support the academic growth of students with IEPs/504 plans. * Gathering data for all reporting requirements concerning students with IEPs/504 plans and other required reports. * Maintaining a high level of knowledge regarding developing special education issues such as changes in federal and local special education policy. * Advocating for special education with school leadership. * Establishing and maintaining communication with parents of students in the program. * Facilitating workshops/meetings for parents, as well as identifying resources for parents of students with special needs. * Engaging parents and families in their student's learning and acting as an ambassador for The Catamount School in the community. * Connecting with student outside providers, pediatricians, and therapists to support student needs in classroom (as appropriate). * Maintaining confidentiality of student records and student information. * Other duties as assigned. This position is posted and will be filled pending approval from the Human Resources Advisory Board (HRAB) and the confirmation of the funding source.

Minimum Training & Experience Requirements: The successful candidates should possess a Master's degree in special education from an accredited institution, North Carolina licensure within the field of special education, and have a minimum of three years of successful public school instructional experience.

Preferred Qualifications: Preference will be given to candidates with three years of successful experience as a special education teacher, licensure and experience in ESL and/or a middle grades content area, experience with Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) and/or problem-based learning, and/or National Board Certification. The candidate will be expected to teach and supervise interns and will share program responsibilities and may provide service. Consistent participation in all aspects of The Catamount School is expected. Applicants should provide evidence of experiences or the potential to: work collaboratively and across disciplines, contribute to the university's multicultural and diversity goals, and successful collaboration with in-service teachers in public school settings. Interest and experience in teaching in technology rich and flexible environments is a plus.

Special Instructions to Applicants: Application must be made online. A cover letter describing how the applicant's professional qualifications relate to the position and how the applicant can contribute to the mission, core values and goals of the Catamount School. 2. A current and complete curriculum vita. 3. Unofficial copies of transcripts of undergraduate and graduate degree programs completed. 4. Names, addresses (including titles and institutions), telephone numbers, and email addresses of at least five (5) references. OPTIONAL Attachment: 5. Other supporting materials relevant to the candidate's scholarship and teaching. Inquiries can be directed to: Mr. Bob Dinsdale, Search Committee Chair, email: rsdinsdale@wcu.edu Thank you for your interest in this position. Application materials sent by postal mail or e-mail cannot be accepted. Please note this is an 11 month position.

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