Retail Store Management - Greater Seattle Area

Seattle, WA
May 10, 2017
Institution Type
Outside Academe

Job Description

Primary Objective:

This person must effectively operate a profitable, safe, and clean retail drugstore. The Store Manager will enforce company policy/procedures, protect company assets at all times, and insure that excellent customer service is provided by each Bartell Drug Company employee associate in his/her store. The Store Manager has the authority after consulting with Human Resources, to make suggestions or recommendations regarding hiring or firing employee associates. The Store manager will also make suggestions and recommendations regarding the advancement and promotion or any other change of status of the employee associates working at his/her store. This person will regularly make discretionary decisions that affect the general operation of his/her store. The store manager is responsible for maintaining positive employee and customer relations at all times.

Major Responsibilities and Duties Which May Be Considered Essential:
  • Must maintain good customer service levels in all facets of store operations.
  • Must supervise all facets of store operations and the productivity of all employee associates in his/her store except for the technical aspects relating to the practice of Pharmacy.
  • Must create and maintain good morale through an Open Door Policy, constant two-way communication, cooperation, proper delegation, recognition, store meetings, and effective on-going training of entire store staff. Must encourage creativity and allow for individual initiative by the employee associates.
  • Must set a professional example by enforcing company policies such as attendance, proper dress and grooming code, customer service, proper cash handling, & consistent documentation and coaching of employee associate's performance. Must maintain proper control of store expenses, especially scheduling and salary to insure that they are within company guidelines.
  • Must practice and enforce the merchandising/operating standards spelled out in the Bartell Merchandising Guide maximize profitability.
  • Must safeguard the store's assets to include daily cash deposits, petty cash funds, and each registers cash flow. Must insure daily register balances are done correctly and timely. Must perform employee bag checks on a daily basis.
  • Must be willing to deal with issues as they arise in a tactful, courteous and reasonable manner.
  • Must on occasion, as needed operate a cash register to itemize and total customer's purchases. Must record prices and total sales transactions. Accurately collect cash, checks, or charge payments from customers. Will correctly count change and account for all money in cash drawer. Must properly fill out forms and paperwork.
  • Must be courteous and maintain professional interpersonal communication skills with customers, store staff and supervisors. Must handle refunds/exchanges effectively and timely.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience Requirements:
  • Must possess and maintain a valid Washington state Food Worker's Permit

Physical Requirements:
  • Regular attendance and punctuality is required.
  • Frequent reaching at all levels to stock shelves and/or operate a cash register. Frequent repetitive hand movements and fine finger manipulation to operate a cash register. Occasional repetitive arm movement to stock shelves. Constant handling and grasping of merchandise, containers, cartons, and/or money.
  • Must frequently bend or stoop to stock below waist-height shelves and to remove merchandise from carts. Crouching, twisting, or pivoting at the waist and kneeling or squatting to low shelves also required.
  • Must be able to frequently lift 20-40 lbs. from floor to chest. Frequently lift 1-2 lbs. from floor to 7 feet.
  • Must frequently carry 1-2 lbs. for 5 to 10 feet. Occasionally carry 20 to 40 lbs. for 15 feet.
  • Must be able to push/pull 25 to 40 lbs. of force occasionally.
  • Must on occasion climb ladder or step stool.
  • Must be able to stand for long periods of time with walks of short distances at a brisk pace.
  • Must be able to quickly and accurately perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages and dollars.
  • Must be able to read, write, speak and comprehend conversational English.
  • Must be able to operate a handtruck, grocery cart, stock carts, electronic cash register, pricing guns, box crushers, box cutter, conveyor belt, Camera department computer, MSI ordering machine, telephone, intercom, and various POS equipment where applicable.

Company Description
Are you looking for a new opportunity with a strong, stable and financially smart company? If any drugstore chain has a prescription for longevity, it's Bartell Drug Company. The nation's oldest drugstore chain, 120-year-old Bartell Drug offers the usual mixture of prescription drugs, OTC medications, personal care products, and convenience items, as well as electronics such as digital cameras and MP3 players; stores also offer digital photo processing services.

As part of its ongoing expansion, the company has opened a handful of stores during the past couple of years. To cater to an aging population, Bartell Drug is developing and expanding its home health care offerings including home diagnostics, diabetic care, fitness, and exercise aids.

We offer great benefits beginning with comprehensive medical and other traditional coverage, 401K plan, and a generous employee discount at our stores.

Seattle, WA


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