Photography Lab Technician

Haverford College
May 09, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Photography Lab Technician

Job Summary: Haverford College seeks to hire a part time (24 hours per week), nine-month, non-exempt Photography Lab Technician. The technician is a team member helping faculty and staff assist students in the use of digital platforms for printing photographs. This is accomplished by working with students in workshops and supervised times to complete class assignments during the semester. They also assist students and faculty in chemical photography to print photographs in black and white and color. The technician is responsible for maintaining the digital and chemical assets of the darkroom and teaching spaces in Marshall Fine Arts Building and the Photography studio in Parker House. The technician is responsible for maintaining the safety equipment in chemical and digital darkrooms according to EPA standards. They are also responsible ordering and keeping an inventory of supplies needed for the digital and chemical darkroom operation and instruction.

Essential Functions & Primary Responsibilities:

The technician needs the skill and experience to create and manage printing profiles for papers when moving from Photoshop or related digital software to interface with ink printer when making photographic prints. Technician should have knowledge of maintaining an archival and retrieval system of digital files created by faculty and students. Additional digital programs skills related to Photoshop are desirable including Light Room, In-design or related programs. The technician should be engaged and responsible for maintaining all software and operational systems to latest versions of use.

Education, Training, & Experience:

  • BA in Photography or related field required
  • Two or more years of experience in Photoshop, calibration of displays, projectors, laptops and digital printers so that closed-loop color-management is maintained is required
  • Knowledge of maintaining an archival and retrieval system of digital files is required

Special Requirements:

Possession of valid drivers’ license, and ability to pass a Motor Vehicle Record check

Physical Demands and Environmental Conditions Required of this Position:

  • Lifting (to exert strength to move objects from one place to another):
  • Sedentary Lifting: (0-10 pounds) three to six hours
  • Light Lifting (10-20 pounds): Up to three hours
  • Moderate Lifting (20-50 pounds): Up to three hours
  • Heavy Lifting (50 to 100 pounds): Up to three hours
  • Pulling (to exert force upon an abject to move or change its direction: Up to three hours
  • Pushing (to draw an object toward oneself to move or change its direction): Up to three hours
  • Carrying (to hold objects while moving entire body): Up to three hours
  • Reaching or working above shoulder (to extend arms upward or outward away from body): Up to three hours
  • Walking (to move entire body in erect position): Up to three hours
  • Standing (to maintain body in erect posture in stationary position): Up to three hours
  • Sitting (to rest weight on buttocks and back of thighs with legs bent at knees): Up to three hours
  • Crouching/Stooping (to bend upper body forward while fully flexing knees): Up to three hours
  • Kneeling (to maintain upper body in erect position while resting knees on ground): Up to three hours
  • Climbing (to ascend or descent heights using ladders, scaffolding, stairs, poles, inclined surfaces): Up to three hours
  • Twisting (to rotate upper body while feet remain stationary): Up to three hours
  • Driving (operating a motor vehicle, crane, tractor, forklift, etc.): Up to three hours
  • Exposure Limitation (i.e., cold water, dust, gas, fumes, extreme temperatures): Up to three hours

To apply: Interested candidates should complete the online application, to include a cover letter, resume, and the names and contact information of three references by visiting The application deadline is Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

Haverford College has a longstanding commitment to diversity rooted in values of inclusion and social justice, a commitment reflected in the academic program, lived experience, and composition of the College community. Haverford welcomes applications from candidates who share these values and who will contribute to the College’s educational mission.

Haverford College is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.

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