Emerson Launch Director

May 08, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Emerson College

Emerson Launch Director

Emerson Launch is a program at Emerson College that provides space, modest funding, mentoring, and other forms of expertise for student innovators and entrepreneurs. The program, originally an Accelerator, was developed as part of President Lee Pelton's innovation initiative.
The part-time Director leads the effort, advised by volunteers including the two Emerson alumni who founded the original program, other Emerson alumni, and mentors who work directly with students.
The Director should know innovation methods, have experience solving problems through innovation, and be prepared to collaborate within and outside Emerson to strengthen the College's innovation skills and reputation.

Campus Location: Boston Campus

Required Knowledge:
-Bachelor’s degree required
-Strong passion for—and understanding of—Emerson College, its community,
and the education the college offers
-Knowledge of, and passion for, innovation/entrepreneurialism in Boston and
-Demonstrated leadership ability
-Capacity to work empathetically and effectively with others
-Strong speaking and writing skills
-Strong organizational skills and a proven ability to implement plans
-Familiarity with standard office software programs (Word, Excel, Power Point)
-Flexible schedule that can prioritize the advancement of Emerson Launch

Preferred/Desirable Knowledge:
-Experience working in entrepreneurial and innovative environments -Track record of innovation success using creative problem solving skills -Knowledge of methods used to cultivate innovative thinking/creative problem solving

Required Prior Work Experience:
Expected credentials include 7-10 years of experience related to entrepreneurialism and innovation or a related discipline, of which 3-5 years is progressive management experience.

Diversity Statement:
Emerson College believes diversity enriches the educational experience by providing students with the opportunity to learn from individuals who may have different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Engagement with diversity in the curriculum, in our co-curricular offerings, and all other aspects of the College enhances the personal and intellectual growth of all members of our campus community. Emerson is committed to strengthening communities, including our workplace, by fostering the development of the intercultural competencies necessary for meaningful citizenship in an increasingly complex, pluralistic society.

Open Date:

Classification Title: Expert IC

Salary Grade: 18

Job Family: Individual Contributor

Job Duties:
  • Work with College leadership and Emerson Launch volunteers to develop and communicate a clear, consistent vision and direction.
  • -Lead the development and implementation of immersive innovation education methods for students and the campus community. -Allocate expenses and monitoring the program budget. -Develop and implement a marketing plan for the program.
  • -Take primary responsibility for the day to day operations of Emerson Launch; shape and oversee the timely execution of all program processes. -Manage student workers and temporary employees.
  • Collaborate with Emerson faculty, staff and students to cultivate creative problem solving skills that lead to innovative and effective solutions.
  • Form strategic partnerships beyond the Emerson community.
  • -Recruit new Emerson Launch participants and mentors. -Manage mentor relationships for long-term benefits.
  • Maintain relationships with Emerson’s Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations offices, as well as with donors and supporters.

    To apply, please visit: www.emerson.edu


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