Health Care Field Technician

Avon Lake, OH
May 03, 2017
Institution Type
Outside Academe

Job Description

The responsibilities of a healthcare field technician are traveling to hospitals, ambulatory sites and medical practice offices collecting pharmaceutical waste, sometimes consolidating those pharmaceuticals in larger containers or simply swapping out a full container for an empty one. This person will also sometimes have to manage flammable liquids, formalin (formaldehyde) straining (which involves specimens from surgeries and such), batteries, light bulbs, electronic waste, oils and other items from maintenance, x-ray panels and other items found in hospitals. This person would need to pass a background check, have a clean driving record. Once hired, this person would get a series of Hepatitis shots, TB tests, blood borne pathogen training and Hazwoper & RCRA/DOT training.

Company Description
Chemtron is a premier provider of environmental services to an array of industries both private and public. Having operated for over 30 years, Chemtron continues to lead the environmental industry through innovative practices and a strong commitment to our core business. Offered are total environmental solutions ranging from ordinary to even the most challenging. At Chemtron, our people make the difference.

Avon Lake, OH


Tue, 2 May 2017 11:49:34 PDT