Controls Engineer

Macomb, MI
Apr 28, 2017
Institution Type
Outside Academe

Job Description

AVS scope of work-

Controls related installation, configuration, and integration of the Automated Vehicle Scheduling (AVS), Teledata analysis, FTPC configurations, and programmable controller (PLC) logic for customers plants. The AVS scope covers SmartEye readers, virtual readers, tag- assign, set sequence, and get-next station applications needed to enable plant Body Shops. This scope of work also covers deploying Body Gateway applications that enable controller applications to communicate with FTPC. Lastly, this position also includes the need to launch controller applications that support the sequenced build of failsafe underbodies, body sides, boxes, and cabs.

Position requires employee to be responsible for making the complete AVS system operational for customers body shop. This means all integration activities associated with all CLx/PanelView station applications, Body Gateway component applications, and FTPC configurations. FTPC configuration will enable the delivery of data to CLx applications, Plant-specific Tracking & Reporting activities, QLS notification via external tracking points, Error Proofing notification, and station specific QLS queries.

FIS scope of work -

Coordinate system startup, lead the debug and validation effort, Work with Plant launch team, engineers, and plant personnel as needed to assist implementation. Maintain a project time line, project status, and open issues document to accurately communicate the status of the project.
The PM will work for and represent company - on the project and are to maintain the standards and requirements of FIS and EP implementations as such. The PM will be required to conduct, with plant participation, milestone reviews with the FIS and EP integrator at key points throughout the project to ensure that the project is on schedule, in budget, and within requirements. Deficiencies to the program will be documented and a corrective action plan will be produced, submitted to the customer, and approved.

Company Description
R&E Automated Systems ( is the industry leader in Controls, Robotics, Welding Engineering and Services, Laser Welding, Mechanical Design and Simulation.

R&E is at the forefront of technological advancements and we provide a wide range of services to companies in the automotive, aerospace, medical, agricultural, military and consumer goods industries. We provide our clients with unique solutions that are tailored to accommodate their project demands.

Macomb, MI


Sat, 22 Apr 2017 07:17:47 PDT