Job Summary Provide support for Dracunculus studies being performed at UGA through support from The Carter Center. The technician will be responsible for assisting with ongoing studies on Dracunculus that will include handling and sampling of numerous animal species, including domestic dogs, domestic ferrets, amphibians, reptiles and fish. The technician will also be responsible for parasite recovery and molecular diagnostics for these studies. Finally the technician will be responsible for maintaining copepod colonies that will be used in experimental trials. Successful performance of these duties will require that the employee (1) obtains appropriate specimens for the studies, (2) maintains accurate and detailed laboratory records, (3) prepares samples for analysis, (4) performs diagnostic tests using specialized equipment, (5) after training, is comfortable with field and laboratory equipment and techniques, (6) is adept at problem-solving, (7) is able to work with minimal supervision, (8) maintains proper laboratory safety standards, (9) maintains the work space in a clean and tidy manner and (10) maintains adequate inventory of laboratory equipment and supplies, (11) has a high level of communication skills to keep all stakeholders up to date on the status of the project. A neat and professional appearance must be maintained because the worker will have frequent contact with personnel of outside funding agencies. Minimum Qualifications Bachelor's degree and no experience or equivalent combination required. Area-specific certification may be required and training will be provided as appropriate (i.e. UGA HazMat training).