Outreach Manager ALLARM

<p><strong>EEO Statement:</strong></p><p>The College is committed to building a representative and diverse faculty, administrative staff, and student body. We encourage applications from all qualified persons.</p><p><strong>Job Summary/Basic Function:</strong></p><p>Founded in 1986, the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (<span class="caps">ALLARM</span>) is a nationally recognized technical and programmatic support center for community organizations interested in watershed assessment, protection, and restoration, housed in Dickinson College. The program staff includes a Director, an Assistant Director, Outreach Manager, a faculty Science Adviser, and 12-14 undergraduate student staff.</p> <p><span class="caps">ALLARM</span> has a long history with aquatic citizen science, also known as volunteer monitoring. ALLARM’s Outreach Manager works with communities interested in evaluating stream health answering questions about potential impacts from shale gas extraction to watershed quality. The position’s responsibilities are three fold: 1) cultivate and maintain relationships with regional communities interested in aquatic citizen science; 2) maintain ALLARM’s print, social media, and web site outreach; and 3) integrate Dickinson College students into ALLARM’s community-based outreach by building their skills to be effective community communicators.<ul></p> <li>For more information about <span class="caps">ALLARM</span>: www.dickinson.edu/allarm<br /> <li>For more information about ALLARM’s shale-gas monitoring program and database: http://allarmwater.org </ul> <b>Job Responsibilities:</b> <b>Watershed Monitoring Community Outreach:</b><ul> <li>Conducts educational workshops and follow up support for communities monitoring stream health.<br /> <li>Maintains constant communication to twenty community partners to make sure they have access to the resources to be successful in their volunteer monitoring efforts.<br /> <li>Provide follow up assistance to communities, including:<ul><br /> <li>In-person meetings<br /> <li>Monthly e-newsletter<br /> Monthly conference calls<br /> <li>Online toolkit <br /> <li>Social media</ul> <li>Manage ALLARM’s water quality database: allarmwater.org.<br /> <li>Help communities manage and understand their data.</ul> <b>Organizational Outreach:</b> <ul><li>Help to market ALLARM’s work.<br /> <li>Develop organizational outreach materials.<br /> <li>Maintain ALLARM’s web site and online toolkits.<br /> <li>Provide editing and design support to ALLARM’s publications.<br /> <li>Seek out and integrate new outreach technologies for <span class="caps">ALLARM</span> to use.</ul> <b>Student Staff Mentoring:</b><ul> <li>Oversee 2-3 student projects related to community outreach and publications.<br /> <li>Develop <span class="caps">ALLARM</span> outreach materials by mentoring <span class="caps">ALLARM</span> students in learning the skills to be effective communicators. <br /> <li>Work collaboratively with <span class="caps">ALLARM</span> students to seek out and integrate new outreach technologies for <span class="caps">ALLARM</span> to use. Market ALARM&#8217;s work.<br /> <li>Guide students in conducting research on topics identified by ALLARM’s community members. Teach <span class="caps">ALLARM</span> students effective science communication so that they can turn their research projects into accessible resources for ALLARM’s community partners.<p><strong>Special Instructions to Applicants:</strong></p><p>Please note this position is grant funded for 2 years.</p>