Consulting Community Support Worker

Northeast Washington, DC
Apr 28, 2017
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Outside Academe

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Consultant Community Support Specialist (Washington, D. C.) CONSULTING COMMUNITY SUPPORT SPECIALISTS.
This is an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR position for which you are considered self-employed. We want you to consider whether or not you are able and/or willing to join our company as a Community Support Worker in the role of the consultant. You would be assigned to a Team from which your assigned Team Leader would provide you with the listing of consumers for which you would begin to assume accountability. You would be required to assure that the needs of the consumers are met and meet the mandatory documentation requirements which include: Treatment plans (quarterly); LOCUS Assessments two times per year; Monthly Reports; and Billing Documentation using the SOAP format (for which you would be trained). You will also need to be familiar with resources and location of services throughout the District of Columbia. *Ideal opportunities for a recent Social Work or Psychology Graduates - You will gain experience by working with a behavior health population consisting of individuals with serious/chronic mental illness, by visiting them in the community; assisting with skill building to help them manage their illness such as symptoms identifications, crisis planning, and medication benefits/side effects. Also assisting them by teaching independent living skills such as, public transportation, budgeting, nutrition planning and other social skills. Assist with applications and coordination of entitlement benefits such as SSI/SSDI, Medicare, Medicaid Food Stamps, and housing subsidies. You will be visiting clients whom live throughout the District of Columbia. This position requires that the contractor perform 80% of the duties in the community and generate a minimum of 25 hours of billable services weekly under the guidelines of the DC Medicaid Rehabilitation Option. Demonstrates proficiency in written and verbal communication skills and the ability to utilize and organize consumers' use of a variety of available resources (i.e., food bank, medical appointments, employment training, etc, Applicants must have previous case management experience with social services and/or behavior health clients.

Applicant qualifications: Bachelor's degree in social work, psychology, human services, or related field MUST have working knowledge and direct experience of the unique needs and behaviors of mentally challenged clients (3 or more years in place of Degree) Effective written & verbal communication and interpersonal skills and have own cell telephone, Computer literate with access to personal computer, Valid driver's license and reliable transportation. MUST have working knowledge and direct experience of the unique needs and behaviors of mentally challenged clients.

This position is with a Mental Health Core Service Agency Provider with the D.C. Department of Behavioral Health. This agency has created a range of supportive services and treatment which are designed to assist consumers in meeting their life goals and goals for personal recovery which are inclusive of: Diagnostic/Assessment Services; Medication/Somatic Treatment; Counseling; Community Support Case Management; Psychiatric Services & Case Management; Medication Education and Management; Individual, group and family counseling; Support 24-hours a day to assist in times of emergencies; Supports & services designed to meet the needs of individual families; Dual diagnosis service groups and intensive linkages for a variety of addictions that are being experienced by consumers

The primary goal for services is to assist the consumer in minimizing the need for hospitalization and/or rehospitalization through services/activities that address restoration, positive self-esteem and which identify and/or provide the consumer's attaining meaningful life roles in society, despite serious mental illness. Teaches and assist clients with rehabilitation skills such as: Symptom identification; crisis planning/counseling, understanding medication benefits/side effects, budgeting, utilizing mass transit, improving physical health, nutrition planning, social/communication skills, obtaining income and housing, ensuring that skills required for community tenure are maintained to minimize the need for crisis management. The Community Support Specialist will meet with their consumers at least 75% of time in the field in addition to this the work should be interactive meaning the workers will on occasion have to transport consumers to medical appointments and/or other agencies i.e. Bread for the City, employments service and other community resources for which the consumer needs support to navigate through the initial use of the various resources. Service Delivery: Under the umbrella of Community Support, services include all interventions from point of engagement to completion of the specific service. Thus service delivery includes intake assessment, referral and tracking for diagnostic services, participation in developing the Individualized treatment plan and service plans, providing service coordination, advocacy for services needed, resource gathering, linking the consumers to benefits, housing and other services within the community.

Supervision & Training: The Community Support Community Support Specialists must participate in Team Supervision at least bi-weekly. Also, the Community Support Specialist is required to attend 16 hours of training at the Department of Behavorial Health to include Cultural Sensitivity, training on Community Support and other areas of interest. You must have your own transportation, cell telephone and a computer.

Because an independent contractor is considered self employed, he or she is essentially the employer and employee. Therefore, the 1099 contractor is responsible for withholding his or her own taxes and paying the total amount of the Social Security and Medicare taxes. Because the 1099 contractor is not making installments against his or her annual tax responsibility, as the employee does by the withholdings made on his or her paychecks, the 1099 contractor is supposed to make quarterly installments against his or her projected tax responsibility for the year.

AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

Job Type: Contract

Job Location:
  • Washington, DC

Required experience:
  • Experience in Mental Health/Social Services: 2 years

Required education:
  • Bachelor's

Company Description
The name of this program is Life Stride which implies passage. Passage, for the purpose of this program means moving from one place in life to another. Our tasks are to help our clients to live outside of the institution and maintain themselves in the community at their highest level of functioning. Our clients are working through a passage in their lives.

Life Stride has an ethical responsibility to the individuals and community it serves. To fulfill this responsibility, ethical care practices and ethical business practices must go hand in hand. The organization depends on its mission statement, strategic plan, and other such guiding documents to provide a consistent, ethical framework for its business operations. In particular, the organization's code of ethical behavior ensures marketing and admission practices are conducted in an ethical manner. Potential conflicts of interest can arise in the most subtle of circumstances, as well as very obvious ones. Leaders are alert to the entire range of possibilities, review relationships with other entities carefully, and ensure that the organization's mission to the individuals and community it serves is not harmed by any contractual relationship.

Mission Statement of Life Stride, Inc. - Life Stride is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of those we serve. We meet these needs thorough the provision of psychiatric, clinical and social/leisure activities and supports within natural settings in the community. We are committed to ensuring that we honor the dignity, and the right of choice in the provision of these services.

Our Best Practices Tenets Differentiate Us From Other Providers

We are here to serve. This suggests that no matter how big or small the task, we strive to meet the needs of those in our programs who have needs.

As part of our work we need to listen to the story

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