Commercial Flooring Project Manager

Washington, DC
Apr 28, 2017
Institution Type
Outside Academe

Job Description

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following duties:
  • Submitting the Samples and the products data required for the Submittal process and tracking the responses to the submittals
  • Confirming the Takeoff/Estimating Quantities before placing your orders. That means doing a fresh takeoff of the entire project and comparing it with the bid takeoff.
  • Placing material orders with vendors after the submittals have been approved and the contract executed to ensure timely delivery onsite to meet ROJ (Required on Job) dates
  • Tracking the orders and coordinating the deliveries between the Suppliers, our Field Supervision and the GCs.
  • Scheduling the Field crews for the installation of the work.
  • Preparing and issuing Installers work orders
  • Overseeing the field operations (manpower and installations) to guarantee the work is done according to the plans, the project specifications and the completion schedule.
  • Preparing and Submitting monthly Pay Applications to the GCs
  • Preparing Installers weekly pay applications based on work progress.
  • Quantifying, Pricing and Submitting Change Orders in a timely manner
  • Close-out the project by managing the completion of the punchlist and the issuance of the warranty and maintenance files to the GC
  • Keeping the PROJECT TRACKING file up-to date

Company Description
Koydol is a commercial flooring and tile contractor based in Washington, D.C.
Over the years, we have completed large commercial projects for the area most reputable General Contractors. We are building on our reputation of delivering projects on time and with a high standard of workmanship. Most of our work comes from repeat clients.

Washington, DC


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