General Manager

Atlanta, GA
Apr 28, 2017
Institution Type
Outside Academe

Job Description

The General Manager is responsible for managing and growing the operations and customer partnerships in their respective area of responsibility. The management of said accounts should be in line with All Clean Services, LLC (ACS) corporate initiatives. In addition, the General Manager will assume implementation and execution responsibilities for all new accounts assigned to him.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Account Retention: The General Manager's top priority is to maintain a high level of service on their accounts ensuring customer satisfaction. This includes communicating on a regular basis with each customer in their respective area. Face-to-face meetings are to be at least once per month and weekly calls are to be made to follow up on performance.
  • Subcontractor Oversight: The General Manager is responsible for recruiting, training and managing their subcontractors. Retention of subcontractors has a direct effect on service performance. Continual training on a monthly basis is to be completed and documented.
  • Marketing: The General Manager will work with the President and designated sales personnel to develop leads for new business and outline the needs and strategic solutions for prospective partners.
  • Scheduling: The General Manager will develop weekly schedules in order to effectively manage their time and keep travel expenses to a minimum. Schedules are to be submitted to the corporate office every Monday.
  • Contact Database: The General Manager will document all communications with Clients through the CRM contact database. All entries should be put in within a 24 hour period and in no event later than weekly as part of their administrative duties. Any issues or concerns presented by customers are to be brought to the attention of the VP.
  • Work-Orders: The General Manager is required to complete all necessary work orders requested by customers. Completed work orders are to be submitted to the corporate office weekly.
  • Account Start Up: The General Manager will start up all new accounts in their designated area. This includes reviewing the contract, visiting the site, recruiting and training a qualified subcontractor. A minimum of three days is required to train a new subcontractor.
  • Budget Management: General Managers are required to maintain revenue and expense budgets for their area of responsibility as established by the President. Maintenance of budgeted goals will be monitored quarterly.

Active Communications: The General Manager ensures there is an open flow and exchange of communication. This includes both listening and providing necessary information to customers and company employees.

Conflict Management: The General Manager understands that learning often takes place when opposing views are entertained productively. They open debate, and encourage others to be comfortable challenging ideas. They are also careful to consider the feelings of others to promote healthy conflict. They work to come up with fair solutions for issues with customers.

Customer Service Focus: The General Manager always keeps the Customers perspective in mind. They continually seek information about market trends how to best represent the needs of the Customer. They give the Customer feedback and respond promptly to all concerns/requests.

High Standards: The General Manager holds themselves and others to the highest standards of quality and integrity. Their work is polished by the time the Customer sees it, and their behavior reflects their trustworthiness.

Positive Impact: The General Manager has to have an upbeat presence. Their optimism is contagious, and positively impacts the overall morale of subcontractors and customers alike.

Professionalism: The General Manager carries themselves with the highest levels of professionalism. They make constant efforts to be professional through their appearance, language, and behavior.

Relationship Building: The General Manager cares about building relationships. They invest energies in getting to know those they work with and work for on a professional basis, creating a friendly, supportive, and loyal atmosphere.

Technical Skills: The General Manager has the technical sales skills needed to perform their job. They are proficient with cleaning and maintaining floors. They actively update their computers skills as appropriate in order to ensure they can document their work.

Time Management: The General Manager maximizes their time. They utilize time management tools such as daily planners and calendars, and prioritize their activities to be most effective. They are also punctual and respectful of other's timeframes.

Company Description
At All Clean Services, we are a client-focused service organization that goes far-beyond "cleaning". We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients at every location that we service. We do this by learning the clients individual needs, and we strive to meet or exceed those needs, every day!

We are a professional, fast-paced, growing, and profitable commercial cleaning company, servicing a wide variety of commercial clients in the following industries: medical facilities, restaurants, retail stores, schools & universities, hi-rise condominiums, large apartment complexes, warehouse distribution offices and trucking terminals, and we have new clients coming on-line every day!

Although we are based in Roswell, GA, we are servicing customer client locations across the entire United States, with client locations in 40 of the 48 contiguous states! In order to satisfy the demands of these new clients, we are seeking experienced commercial cleaners and floor maintenance technicians...but we are also seeking individuals who have the desire and longer-range vision to build their own cleaning teams and possibly start their own business, following our successful business model.

If you are interested in joining our fast-paced, entrepreneurial team, please apply today by replying to this job posting, and be sure to include all of your contact information and attach a copy of your resume, if you have one. We will reply to all qualified candidates within 48 hours of your initial application.

Atlanta, GA


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