Patient Consultant - Medicinal Cannabis

Sacramento, CA
Apr 28, 2017
Institution Type
Outside Academe

Job Description

Position requires high level of customer service experience, as well as knowlwedge of medicinal cannabis (or willingness to learn extensive information about medicinal cannabis in order to provide consistent and accurate information as a patient consultant). Candiate must have high level of customer service experience as location may serve 300-700 people daily. Interpersonal skills, professionalism, and a positive and helpful disposition is a must. Attention to detail, accuracy, and honesty is required as well. Patient Consultants must be willing to study for and pass 6 page test and continuing refresher information to stay up to date in services and products offerred. Must be extremely trainable, retaining information and accepting coaching and guidance with enthusiasm as well as be able to quickly implement what you learn during the daily course of your duties.

Although it is a very social environment, unprofessional behavior and harassment will not be tolerated. Must be able to get along with ALL team members and clients alike. Professional references a MUST.

Company Description
Small, friendly and professional medicinal cannabis collective, known for great customer service, awesome variety of products, and featured on the news at least 3 times. Bar atmosphere in small location Downtown, but clean, professional and well maintained in products, services and staffing. Corporate benefits such as Medical, Dental, Vision and Corporate Gym membership offered, as well as full time employment above minimum wage. Friendly welcoming atmosphere, but everyone holds their weight and contributes to any job that needs to be done.

Starting salary listed, however based on experience. All Patient Consultants who pass the 6 page exam the first time and demonstrate the ability to complete all job duties associated with the position get pay increases almost immediately. Great potential for growth!

Sacramento, CA


Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:03:19 PDT