Video Producer / Editor

West Palm Beach, FL
Apr 28, 2017
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Outside Academe

Job Description

The right candidate will have a passion for filming and video editing, as well as strong leadership and creative abilities. One should be able to take on a project and see it through to completion within a weekly, fast-paced environment. The candidate should have a high level knowledge of the Adobe Editing Suite, Final Cut X, After Effects, and DSLR Workflow and Operations. Photoshop and Audio Software knowledge is a plus."

This position is also responsible for hosting, setting up and performing video shoots on site and off site. Knowledge of high definition cameras, lighting, and audio for video shoots is preferred.
Storyboard creation and ability to carry project through execution is required.

The Video Producer/Editor will be responsible for recruiting, scheduling, training, and working with volunteers on a daily basis. The candidate must work well with various types of volunteers. Experience leading teams or groups is a definite plus. The candidate will be responsible for producing videos for weekend services, production elements, video announcements and other various projects The candidate will need to be able to produce videos at a rapid pace and be able to handle no less than 4 video projects per week.*
* Number of weekly projects is season based. Some weeks could have a high number of projects and some weeks could have a light load of projects.

This Video Producer/Editor is a full time position reporting to the Executive Pastor that consists of office hours Monday - Friday and the potential for some weekend hours. Candidate will need to be able to work in a fast pace environment that is constantly changing.

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West Palm Beach, FL


Tue, 25 Apr 2017 13:02:43 PDT