Construction Project Manager

Houston, TX
Apr 28, 2017
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Outside Academe

Job Description


The purpose is to establish and define the authority, accountability, reporting relationships, responsibilities, duties and measures of performance of a Project Manager with Coastal Reconstruction Group.

Exempt Status: This position has been classified as exempt from receiving mandatory overtime pay.

Job Functions

1. To supervise projects throughout the entire construction process ensuring that each project is completed in accordance with the scope/ plans, budget, and schedule.

2. To efficiently maintain production activities and client relations by overseeing subcontractors & suppliers/ vendors. This involves reviewing scheduling, job overhead, job performance, cost reports and ensuring that jobs come in at or below budget. The Project Manager is directly responsible for all projects assigned to them and those projects success and failure.

3. To supervise all subcontractors and vendors including obtaining bids/ quotes, ordering materials, maintain inventory, hiring, scheduling, submitting pay request, and overseeing all work performed on a project.

4. To help maintain positive relationships with clients to ensure project satisfaction and potential future business.

5. To produce high quality, profitable projects by monitoring project costs and adhering to a given budget.

6. To notify the Account Executives/ Estimators when change orders are needed and assist with their execution.
7. To ensure excellent communication between clients and field operations (subcontractors, vendors, etc.)

8. To investigate and monitor material cost to reduce waste related to project cost. Value engineering on long lead items.
9. To update the Construction Manager(s) weekly with job status's, schedules, issues, etc.
10. To ensure safe working conditions on all projects for employees, subcontractors, and clients.

11. To provide technical assistance in regards to:

• The interpretation of plans & notes, shop drawings, submittals, scopes of work, etc.

• The recommendation of construction methods, use of equipment, etc.

12. To hire and fire subcontractors & vendors in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and Coastal's policies and procedures.

13. To perform any other tasks as reasonably requested by Coastal's management.

Project Specific Duties:

1. Secure

• Coastal jobsite signage

• Construction trailer and storage units as needed

• Temporary utilities

• Land-line phone as needed

• Water

• Temporary toilets

• Dumpster

• Temporary fencing

• Orders materials

• Researches, value engineers long lead items and schedules shipping dates.

• Preconstruction meetings

o Review work scope

o Review schedule

o Review Coastal's guidelines & expectations

2. Preliminary scheduling

• Review Master Schedule with Construction Manager

• Notify subs/vendors prior to start date

• Verify specialty item lead times

• Follow- up and verify delivery times with suppliers

3. Work relations - maintain clear verbal and written communications between:

• Owners, property managers and consultants;

• Governing agencies;

• Subcontractors;

• Vendors; and

• Construction Managers & Coastal personnel

• RFI's, Daily Reports, Weekly Reports

4. Project Record Keeping

• Job notebook/Daily Reports on Google Drive

• Maintain precise written logs of daily activities at project

• Fill out Daily Report completely, including:

o Dates;

o Description of weather;

o Identify on-site personnel, hours worked and worked performed;

o Conflicts;

o Delays;

o Changes;

o Notification of verbal and written changes; and

o Visitors of any kind.

o Pictures of progress throughout project

• Phone logs;

• Revisions logs;

• Weekly project updates with associated pictures;

• Expense reports; and

• Material purchase receipts

5. Safety

• Conduct safety meetings & enforce safety

• Post Hazardous materials & material safety data sheets

• Document all injuries & OSHA violations and notifications

• Provide Emergency numbers for, police, fire, hospitals and directions to nearest medical facilities

6. Quality Control - Responsible for maintaining quality standards in accordance with Coastal's requirements and applicable laws and regulations.

7. Billings and Payables -

• Accurate Payroll and % complete worksheets

• Resolve unpaid & underpaid subcontractor/ vendor billings

8. Job Close out -

• Review subcontract agreements & verify all contracts are 100% complete

• Punch list 100% complete & Signed Off after final walk through

Reporting Relationship

The Project Manager reports to the Construction Manager(s), and the VP of Construction.

Standards of Performance

1. Meeting or coming in below budgeted cost for each project

2. Meeting or exceeding project schedules

3. Maintaining consistent positive customer feedback

4. Achieving desirable employee turnover rates and performance

5. Maintaining overall job safety

Measure of Performance

Performance will be reviewed quarterly and will be based in part on the "Completed Job Report" and "Jobs in Progress Report."

Completed Job Report

1. Budget versus actual will be reviewed

2. Job duration will be reviewed. (Job duration is defined as the # of days to complete from contract signed date to completion)

3. Customer satisfaction

4. Safety

5. Professionalism

6. Job cleanliness

7. Reports

8. Overall communication

Jobs in Progress Report - Review jobs currently in progress

1. Budget versus actual will be reviewed

2. Percentage completion

3. Job duration will be reviewed

4. Customer satisfaction

5. Safety


This position will require travel for in and out of state jobs and may require overnight stay based on job duration.

Company Description
A general contractor that specializes in all types of construction, renovation and rehab projects, as well as Rapid Response for disasters such as fire, wind, water. Coastal Reconstruction is family owned and will celebrate 30 years in business in 2016.

Houston, TX


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