Program Director/Instructor, Medical Scribe Specialist Certificate Program

St. Vincent's College, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Apr 26, 2017
Position Type
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Management of program faculty including recruitment, selection, mentoring, orientation and evaluation; Preparation and administration of the budget; Guidance of the overall development, implementation and evaluation of program; Maintenance of communication with college administration, department chairs, and faculty from other departments; Provision of support to students in the program; Maintenance of communication with professional groups, peers, and the community; Program operations including course review and course scheduling.

FUNCTIONS: The Program Director must be responsible for program effectiveness, including outcomes, organization, administration, continuous review, planning, development, and provide supervision, administration and coordination of the instructional staff in the academic and clinical phases of the educational program.

Program Director Qualifications:

  • Possess a minimum of an Associate degree
  • Have instruction in educational theory and technique;
  • Be credentialed in a clinical health care discipline and be willing to take the certification exam through the American College of Medical Scribe Specialists ( to be certified as a Medical Scribe Specialist.
  • Have a minimum of three (3) years of experience in health care.

    Management of Medical Scribe Faculty

  • Recruit, screen and recommend candidates for adjunct appointment
  • Provide program orientation and assign mentors to new faculty
  • Prepare and review semester schedules courses to insure appropriate distribution of faculty load hours in accordance with college guidelines
  • Provide guidance to faculty as to college, school, departmental and affiliated site policies and issues

    Management of Medical Scribe Budget

  • Prepare and submit the program budget annually
  • Administer the program budget


Management of Medical Scribe Program

  • Direct the planning and development of the curriculum in accordance with college policy, and the requirements of the Medical Scribe Specialist Education Review Board (MSSRB) as part of the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and America College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS)
  • Organize and manage the program and related courses and programs in accordance with the philosophy of the college, school, department and the accreditation Standards and Guidelines
  • Conduct a continuing, systematic review and evaluation of the Medical Scribe curricula and related courses/programs
  • Maintain student and curricula records
  • Work actively with the faculty to review available books, audiovisual, teaching software programs and equipment catalogs in order to provide faculty and students with the most current teaching/learning materials
  • Provide departmental leadership in assuring availability of guidance and responsible academic advisement to the students and faculty
  • Ensure implementation of the curriculum in the classroom and the college and the laboratory
  • Maintain a program of marketing, recruitment, selection, and retention of students
  • Initiate and maintain affiliation agreements for students clinical/practicum experiences
  • Schedule and chair program meetings and program advisory committees
  • Flexible schedule required, may include some evenings and weekends

    Maintain Communication with College Administration

  • Develop and maintain satisfactory relationships with college administration, other units in the college, and agencies that provide facilities
  • Prepare reports for the college and all agencies requiring them
  • Supervise the preparation of publications including brochures, catalogs and the schedule of classes for the program
  • Conduct correspondence related to the business of the program

    Provide Support to Students in the Medical Scribe Certificate Program

  • Schedule and ensure that Information Sessions for the program are conducted on a regular basis and the online Information Sessions reflect current program information
  • Prepare the advisement grid for each semester and ensure that students are advised appropriately
  • Recruit students for the programs
  • Be available to help solve student problems in the programs
  • Oversee student progress in the programs, including identifying and implementing strategies for retention and student success

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