Engineering/Physicist Accelerator I

East Lansing
Apr 26, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Working/Functional Title

SRF Engineer

Position Summary

Supports the Processing and Coldmass Assembly group with the processing, maintenance,assembly and documentation of SRF cavities, coldmasses and related infrastructure within the SRF Department for the FRIB project. 

Assist in the fabrication of superconducting cavities and coldmass / cryomodule assemblies; assist in the processing and assembly of superconducting cavities, coldmass strings, and associated production infrastructure; follow detailed procedures to prepare components for cleanroom and chemistry facility; work in cleanroom environment on daily basis to clean parts, assemble components and maintain workspace; assist with chemical processing in etching facility and perform routine maintenance; assist with the research & design of processing and assembly infrastructure; perform engineering calculations and analyze data; maintain SRF processing and cleanroom infrastructure and equipment; assist in locating potential vendors and requisitioning parts, components and systems; train undergraduate students in operational procedures; monitor quality of the SRF systems to meet the FRIB performance goals as well as in the pursuit of upgrade goals; improve SRF technology for cavity and coldmass assembly design; interact with team members to define the project details; provide support and maintenance for those projects; maintain certification and calibration of equipment and assist in improving system robustness; archive SRF documentation. 

Unit Specific Education/Experience/Skills

Knowledge normally acquired by completing a four-year college program in Systems or Computer Science; or Engineering or Physics, with coursework in Systems or Computer Science; one to three years of related and progressively more responsible or expansive work experience in electronics, mechanical and/or electrical drafting and fabrication techniques, or computer programming in one or more languages used by the NSCL; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Desired Qualifications

One to three years experience of expansive work experience with clean room maintenance & procedures, ultra high vacuum assembly and applications,chemical etching of metals, ultra pure water systems, component engineering and assembly; experience in large-scale SRF cavity development and processing techniques; self-motivated;detail oriented, ability to follow and uphold critical process protocols; willingness to improve current skill sets through continuous learning; balance working on one or more tasks simultaneously; mechanical CAD skills; good verbal and written communication skills. 

Required Application Materials

Cover letter and resume 

Work Hours


Summary of Physical Demands

Physical demands of the position may include lifting boxes of parts; pushing and pulling of wheeled carts; lifting heavy components; climbing ladders.


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