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Apr 26, 2017
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Student Affairs, Academic Advising
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Four-Year Institution

Position Title/Rank

Specialist - Advisor 

Position Summary

Michigan State University enjoys a reputation for excellence in facilitating inclusion of persons with disabilities in a range of educational and work-related opportunities. Ability Access Specialists maintain and employ cutting edge knowledge in their specialty areas to provide outstanding advising, outreach and direct services related to the specialization at hand.

Illustration of duties:

Interact with students and employees to assess program eligibility, conduct needs assessments and determine reasonable accommodations; Review, recommend and implement auxiliary aids/services and reasonable accommodations; Facilitate full participation in academic, workplace and extracurricular life through advising, service coordination, and networking; Monitor academic progress and assist with academic advising; Assist persons with disabilities on the selection and usage of appropriate compensatory strategies and assistive technology where relevant; Facilitate positive peer contacts and interactions among persons with disabilities; Read, interpret and critically analyze medical and functional capacity documentation to determine when conditions represent ADA qualified disabilities; Utilize disability documentation and data from needs assessments to implement effective accommodation strategies that enable students and employees to meet essential functions in academic and workplace settings; Develop and implement innovative programs to address the needs of targeted student populations; Annual reporting of office statistics, needs, progress and strengths/weaknesses related to programs and services; Maintain a high level of knowledge/expertise regarding the issues, resources and concerns for persons with disabilities with focus on chronic health and chronic health with co-occurring conditions; Research and write funding and program proposals that facilitate new or expanded programmatic efforts for persons with disabilities; Provide consultation and advocacy with faculty and staff regarding individual accommodation needs; Make referrals to appropriate campus and community resources; Produce and present workshops and presentations on empowering students and employees to achieve despite disability challenges; Other duties as assigned.

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Minimum Qualifications

Master's degree in special education, rehabilitation counseling, Psychology or other fields related to integrating people with disabilities in education and the workplace; Those anticipating receipt of a master's degree in one of the related fields by August 2017 may be considered when they demonstrate compelling experience related to this position; Knowledge of educational and employment-related accommodations, skills and tools used by persons with disabilities with focus on chronic health, psychiatric and mobility disabilities; Knowledge of state and federal laws pertaining to persons with disabilities; Ability to use personal interviews and medical documentation (including psycho-educational reports, individual educational plans, and assessment reports) to validate the existence of a disability and to determine and implement appropriate accommodations and auxiliary aids/services; Excellent written communication skills and ability to produce clear case notes; Excellent oral communication skills including group presentations; Strong collaborative/team skills balanced by an ability to operate independently with minimal prompting; Extensive working knowledge of assistive technology and its role in facilitating full participation by persons with disabilities; Working knowledge of information management via computer technologies including: databases, web-based data systems, e-mail, spreadsheets and word processing.

Desired Qualifications

Two years' experience working with persons with disabilities with focus on chronic health, psychiatric and mobility challenges in an educational setting is preferred.

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Resume/CV; Cover Letter

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