Fire Science Proctor (P/T Temp), CPTN19463FIRE

Glen Ellyn, IL
Apr 26, 2017
Institution Type
Community College

Assist the primary instructor of any lesson in the demonstration and practice designed to develop and evaluate student skill sets and competencies. Assist with written firefighter applicant exams including verification of identity, review and audit of application materials submitted, distribute and collect testing materials and monitor written testing procedures.

Position Title: Fire Science Proctor (P/T Temp), CPTN19463FIRE

Duties of Position:

  • Supervise, evaluate and assess students at each skill station to determine compliance with practical applications.
  • Reinforce and advise student progress in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.
  • Redirect students having difficulty with content to see the lead instructor.
  • Complete evaluation forms on each student at individual practical stations.
  • Evaluate actions of the student during role play.
  • Be familiar with all types of equipment and systems as well as their use.
  • Assist the lead instructor as directed.
  • Verify identification of firefighter candidates at orientation.
  • Collect required documentation for each fire department/district for which the candidate is applying.
  • Verify and validate the required documentation.
  • Verify identification of applicant and eligibility for written exam.
  • Distribute and collect testing material as directed by the testing coordinator.
  • Grade students on their practical skills in accordance with curriculum and standards in use by the program.
  • Assume the role of instructor in the absence of the lead instructor.
  • Prepare reports as required by the lead instructor.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Experience and Education:


EXPERIENCE: Five years of service with a fire department/district or ambulance service and/or experience in a school system as a test proctor. Minimum two years teaching/training experience.

EDUCATION: High School diploma plus Illinois Department of Public Health Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic License, M.D., R.N., and/or Office of State Fire Marshal Certified Basic Operations Firefighter and Fire Instructor I and/or degree/experience in a related field of teaching and/or testing.


EXPERIENCE: Familiarity with curriculum utilized by division, previous practical and written exam proctoring.

EDUCATION: Same as required experience.

Equipment & Working Conditions:

Computer, telephone, CPR mannequin, rescue equipment, stretcher, fire training tower, fire station, fire training grounds, power point, overhead projector and any equipment in the Fire/EMS curriculum.

Classroom, training site, indoors and outdoors.

Department: Fire Science - FIRE

Position Type: Temporary - TP

Pay Type: Hourly Non-Exempt


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