Communications Director

Global Branding Organization
Miami, FL
Apr 17, 2017
Institution Type
Outside Academe

Job Description

Experienced marketing representative needed to serve as Communications Director, managing promotional events and public relations for maximal branding and connectivity on behalf of our varied projects, firms, clients and execs.

Well established Coconut Grove-based entertainment studio -- producing next-gen film, tv, public affairs, campaigns and non-profit programs -- is seeking an in-house marketing ninja who will:

1. Help present premieres, ceremonies, fundraisers, castings, themed projects and other interactive productions;

2. Maintain calendars of local, national and global dates of higher profile activities to enable optimal business integration and community involvement;

3. Have an uncanny capacity and sixth sense for maximizing promotion, co-branding, positioning, all-access, and cooperative alignment, including with outside agencies;

4. Possess media and social media skills, awareness, vision and marketing chops to continuously enhance all missions;

5. Have enough schooling, training, experience and positive moxie to exceed expectations with every undertaking, with no job being deemed too large or too menial; and

6. Adhere to strict work guidelines for achievement, accountability and reporting, so that the team is always connected with latest information and progress steps.

Engaged applicant will secure top pay, may receive flex hours, with no job ceiling, and can be an indie contractor. For consideration, please send resume, attachments, samples, and recent salary history with a cover letter. All compliant applications will be seriously reviewed. Thank you very much.

Company Description
Well-established professional marketing firm based in Coconut Grove, Florida manages global affairs and brand development for highest level branding projects, entertainment ventures and healthcare organizations.

Miami, FL


Sun, 16 Apr 2017 13:53:07 PDT