Academic - Student Achievement Intern

Long Beach
Apr 14, 2017
Institution Type
Community College

Academic - Student Achievement Intern

Salary: $1,000.00 - $6,000.00 annually
Job Type: Temporary
Job Number: 999-2017SAIPP
Location: Long Beach, CA
Department: Student Srvs Other
Closing: 5/19/2017 4:00 PM Pacific

Interested individuals currently enrolled in the senior year of any undergraduate program or higher, or holding any valid Master's degree or higher, from an accredited institution are invited to apply for the position of Student Achievement Intern. The Student Achievement Intern is an integral part of the Promise Pathways program. The program assists Long Beach high school graduates through their first year at Long Beach City College. This is a wonderful opportunity to provide a much-needed service to students and the college community. This position is under the direction of the Dean, Institutional Effectiveness.

Student Achievement Intern Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for helping students to practice and apply the skills of academic responsibility.
  • Responsible for working collaboratively with the Program Coordinator and Lead Achievement Interns to assist Promise Pathways students by helping them to manage and synthesize aspects of their learning experience and to document progress at Long Beach City College.
  • Responsible for attending comprehensive trainings from August through November.
  • Responsible for leading discussions with students based on predetermined topics and for providing referrals to appropriate programs and services based on student need.
  • Responsible for planning and attending regularly scheduled meetings with assigned students and for providing same-day documentation of the meetings.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Currently enrolled in the senior year of any undergraduate program, in any graduate program, or hold any valid Bachelor's degree or Master's degree or higher from an accredited institution.
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Evidence of sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.

Desired Qualifications:
  • Demonstrated success throughout college career.
  • Previous attendance at a community college.
  • A broad perspective of the college, e.g., understands the diversity of students, programs, and faculty on both campuses.
  • Experience in planning and coordinating activities to reach a goal.
  • Ability to meet strict deadlines.
  • Good organizational skills and a demonstrated ability to plan and follow through on projects.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Comfortable with remote supervision.

Additional Information

Semester Stipend $1,000.00 - $6,000.00
  • Long Beach Community College District Live Scan background verification (paid by District).
  • A Tuberculosis test result within the last 6 months must be provided to Human Resources before the start of the assignment (use of the District's Health Center for a skin test is available).
  • Applicable federal and state taxes will be deducted along with a deduction for the Long Beach Community College retirement system, APPLE or CalSTRS.
  • Stipend payment will occur monthly dependent on start date.
  • Approximately 8-12 training hours before and throughout the semester.

  • Interns are selected on a semester basis and may serve consecutive semesters.
  • Interns receive a semester parking permit at no cost and may be assigned to either campus.
  • Interns work approximately 5-10 hours per week, depending on availability and number of students assigned.

  • A Long Beach Community College District online application.
  • A resume.
  • Transcripts that fulfill the minimum qualifications from an accredited college and/or university (need not be official). Transcripts from countries other than the United States must be evaluated by an agency that is a member of the National Association of Credentials Evaluation Service (NACES).
  • Initial screening will begin in late May 2017 in consideration for the fall semester.

Submit application on-line at
OR visit our lobby to submit applications on-line at
Long Beach Community College District-Human Resources
4901 E. Carson Street, Long Beach, CA 90808

For questions regarding the Student Achievement Intern position or qualifications, please contact the Achievement Coach Coordinator at (562) 938.4016 or by email at


Applications will be reviewed by a Co-Chair of the Promise Pathways Post-Secondary Initiative Group and one or more of the current Lead Achievement Interns as the Screening Committee.
  • Candidates selected for an interview will be contacted by the Achievement Coach Screening Committee Assistant.
  • Candidates are required to provide one letter of recommendation at the time of interview.
  • Candidates who receive an internship offer will be required to provide the following before the start of the semester:
    • Official copies of all college level coursework
    • Social Security Card
    • Valid Driver's License or California Identification Card
    • Tuberculosis test result
The Long Beach Community College District is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity. It is the District's policy to ensure that all qualified applicants for employment and employees have full and equal access to employment opportunity and are not subject to discrimination in any program or activity of the District on the basis of ethnic group identification, race, gender, color, language, accent, citizenship status, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, transgender, parental status, marital status, veteran status, physical or mental disability or medical condition, or on the basis of these perceived characteristics.

Disability Accommodations
Individuals who need reasonable accommodations in accordance with ADA should contact the Achievement Coach Program Coordinator, Kenna Hillman (562) 938.4016 or by email, who will notify the Human Resources Office for assistance.

Academic - Student Achievement Intern Supplemental Questionnaire
*1.Describe how your experience as a college student has prepared you to assume the role of Student Achievement Intern.

*2.What kind of impact would you like to make in the experience of a community college student?

*3.How would your service as a Student Achievement Intern support your educational and/or career goals?

No Benefits Applicable 01 Describe how your experience as a college student has prepared you to assume the role of Student Achievement Intern.
02 What kind of impact would you like to make in the experience of a community college student?
03 How would your service as a Student Achievement Intern support your educational and/or career goals?

Required Question

To apply, visit


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