Dean of Clinical Education

Hayward, California
Apr 13, 2017
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Tenured & Tenure-Track
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Four-Year Institution


Ensure a congruency of clinical settings, educational experiences, and regulatory requirements while reinforcing the college mission, vision and philosophy creating an environment that encourages an inspired and fulfilling student experience. 

To develop and establish Intern’s attitude, knowledge, and skills in the clinical experience, disciplines and domain of the doctor of chiropractic program (DCP) focusing on the student clinic experience and learning outcomes as pivotal to the transition from didactic to clinical in the transition from student to outpatient clinic.  and achievement of learning outcomes throughout the program.

Provide leadership and management of the Student Clinic and overall clinical educational experience  to align with the vision and mission of the academic institution. Ensure quality of education by assessing and managing the clinical experience.  Work with other academic institutional leaders to ensure that the departmental and clinical program expectations and outcomes are aligned.


This person reports to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  Must work and collaborate with the Dean of Clinics to ensure all regulatory and educational clinical competencies and learning outcomes are achieved.  Must work with the Dean of Clinics to ensure congruence of all clinical programs.



  • Together with the Dean of clinics ensure CCE and intuitional educational standards and state requirements are met in all clinical environments
  • Ensure quality care is delivered within all LCCW student clinical settings
  • Assessment - ensure regulatory and institutional educational standards and clinical requirements are met and outcomes are measured as indicated, ensuring that this data is used to inform and improve clinical education
  • Ensure congruence between the college’s didactic and clinical programs
  • Collaborates with the Dean of Clinics to ensure clear communication and learning regarding the Health Center’s policies and procedures
  • Provide a clinical experience that is congruent with the vision, mission and philosophy of the institution
  • Manage the student clinic faculty and staff
  • Development and management of the budget as it relates to student clinic and academic clinical education execution
  • Manage disciplinary actions that may arise in the student clinic regarding faculty and or students
  • Ensure that the student clinic experience is well organized and prepares interns for the outpatient  experience including the clinical educational curriculum and courses
  • Manage the Competency Department, Quality Assurance Program Analyst and Compliance Officer
  • Responsible for staffing, Hiring/termination, evaluation and development of Student clinic faculty and staff, Competency Department, Quality Assurance, Program Analyst, Compliance Officer, Health Center Registrar and any other staff related to clinical education



  • Work with Director of Competency to ensure entrance competency exams are congruent within the didactic and clinical curriculum
  • Supervise the administration of the Health Center Entrance examinations, review the outcomes and utilize the outcomes information to inform and improve the clinical education program
  • Ensure quality care is delivered within all student clinic environments
  • Ensure that the Student Clinic experience is well organized and prepares interns for the college’s outpatient Health Center
  • Provide a clinical experience that is congruent with the vision, mission and philosophy of the institution

§Develop the clinical education curriculum and courses and integrate with the college curriculum to ensure that all student interns meet the required competencies 

  • Utilize outcome information for the ongoing development of the effectiveness of the DC program
  • Responsible for hiring, development, and evaluation of Clinical Education instructors
  • Calculate and submit intern grades and performance to the Registrar as required
  • Teach relevant clinical classes as required


  • Serve as a model of professional leadership
  • Lead and inspire faculty, interns and patients
  • Develop faculty and staff to perform at their fullest potential and to guide them in serving as role models
  • Lead faculty to be world class educators who inspire and motivate one another as well as inspiring and motivating student interns
  • Provide accurate and clear communications to interns, faculty and staff regarding Health Center policies and procedures
  • Provide annual evaluations for all student clinic and clinical education personnel and participate in annual performance reviews as required
  • Develop and create faculty development events including the adoption and use of current campus technologies
  • Ensure congruence between LCCW’s didactic and clinical programs
  • Develop an excellent customer service culture in the Health Center
  • Work with the Dean of Clinics to ensure congruence of all clinical programs and special projects


  • Facilitate communication between faculty, students, and administration
  • Serve on the Academic Planning Group (APG) and Curriculum Committee
  • Participate in ongoing institutional self-study process
  • Assess for continuous improvement through course and faculty evaluation
  •  Collaborate with the Dean of Clinics  in coordinating faculty development events including the adoption and use of current campus technologies
  • Serve as an intermediary in the resolution of student/faculty conflict
  • Assist in recruitment, hiring, orientation, and mentoring highly qualified faculty for the department
  • Ensure clear communication regarding the Health Center’s policies and procedures
  • Assist with special projects that relate to the objectives of the department
  • Work with Compliance Officer to participate in assessment of departmental objectives
  • Work with Compliance Officer in outcomes assessment, develop and implement action plans
  • Participate in the strategic and annual planning process of the department






  • Serve as a model of professional leadership
  • Promote a culture of scholarship and teaching excellence
  • Oversees and coordinates all clinic faculty scholarly activities
  • Sets an example by being engaged with institutional research and scholarly activities
  • Participate in college meetings and committees as required including the Administrative Program Group (APG)
  • Deputize for the Dean of Clinics if/as necessary.
  • Participates in Quarterly Competency Examinations
  • Helps with all Health Center teaching functions as needed (student clinic, CMR, student clinic classes, etc.)
  • Participates in the ACC-CCA (chief Clinical Administrators) committee


Education, Training and/or Experience

  1. D.C. Degree from an accredited college
  2. Masters or Science
  3. Must possess a current California D.C. license
  4. Must have minimum ten years’ experience operating a chiropractic practice
  5. Must have three years higher education experience (chiropractic institution preferred)
  6. Must have a minimum of three years administrative experience

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics

  1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  2. Excellent interpersonal skills
  3. Excellent analytical problem solving skills
  4. Effective project management and organizational skills
  5. Ability to work with a diverse population
  6. Proficient in student assessment and academic program review
  7.  Understanding of traditional chiropractic philosophy and tenants



  • Advanced academic degree (post-graduate, diplomate or related specialty)
  • Experience in middle or senior management
  • Track record of scholarly production preferred


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