Dean of Clinics

Hayward, California
Apr 13, 2017
Executive Administration Jobs
Position Type
Tenured & Tenure-Track
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution


Lead, develop and manage all Life Chiropractic College West (LCCW) Outpatient clinics including the current On-Campus (Monte Greenwalt Health Center), Mission Trip America Site/s, and any future off-campus sites with a focus on marketing, operations, community education and outreach, patient recruitment and education, and program development.  Ensure a congruency across all clinical settings in operations, management and growth strategies.  Provide focus to create an inspiring, learning, healing environment which prepares interns for successful real-world practice while aligned and complying with the philosophy, vision, and mission of the institution as well as all regulatory requirements. Oversees and manages LCCW mission trips.  All activities will be done in alignment with traditional chiropractic philosophy and tenets.



  • Along with the Dean of Clinical Education ensure CCE and institutional educational standards and state requirements are met in all outpatient clinical environments
  • Ensure quality care is delivered within the Life West clinical settings: satellite clinics, preceptorship opportunities and Life West sanctioned mission trips
  • Manage all marketing and community outreach programs including patient education
  • Maintain and oversees all marketing budget including the Monte Greenwalt Health Center, other clinical sites, special projects, all HC and Clinic websites and social media presence
  • Collaborate with the Dean of Clinical Education who together ensures regulatory and institutional educational standards and clinical requirements are met and outcomes are measured, ensuring that this data is used to inform and improve clinical education
  • Ensure communication and learning regarding the Health Center policies and procedures
  • Manage disciplinary actions that may arise in the outpatient clinics regarding faculty and or students
  • Manage accompanying budget and resources
  • Manage all outpatient clinical Faculty, administrative team and their directives
  • Responsible for staffing, hiring/termination, evaluation and development of outpatient Clinic faculty, administration and support staff


  • Ensure congruence of clinical experience and learning outcomes are maintained in all clinical off-site environments
  • Must work in collaboration with VP of Institutional Advancement and the Director of the Sports Performance Institute to secure financing and execute joint marketing endeavors for the Life West Health Center brand
  • Must work with the Dean of Clinical Education to coordinate budget and resources
  • Evaluate current and future LCCW clinical structure, policies and procedures and make recommendations to improve quality of care, consistent with LCCW’s curriculum in off-site projects and environments
  • Ensure that any and all policy and /or staffing changes are updated on LCCW’s website
  • Work in collaboration with the Director of Sports Performance Institute to ensure shared responsibility for clinical support of our student athletes, community athletes, program development and faculty involvement
  • Update and improve the Health Center business model to be an ever-improving financial resource to LCCW while ensuring the chiropractic lifestyle
  • Develop and manage promotional and marketing strategies to increase intern success and optimize the effectiveness and profitability of the Health Center
  • Collaborate with the Dean of Clinical Education to ensure regulatory and institutional educational standards and clinical requirements are being met
  • Responsible for recruitment and retention of all outpatient clinical faculty and staff: responsible for developing, evaluating, disciplining, counseling and remediation and where necessary termination of Outpatient clinical faculty and staff
  • In collaboration with the Chair of Philosophy, responsible for building, implementing and maintaining the Business Institute
  • Responsible for building, implementing and maintaining the Preceptor program


  • Serve as a model of professional leadership
  • Work with VP of Institutional Advancement to grow our Life West clinical brand
  • Develop faculty and staff to perform at their fullest potential and to guide them in serving as role models.
  • Provide an environment for students to transition smoothly into practice upon graduation with a ‘real world’ clinical experience
  • Develop and lead a customer-services based, student focused & mission driven clinical programs and facilities
  • Uphold Health Center policies and procedures in all aspects of patient care and student performance standards
  • Provide annual evaluations for all outpatient clinical personnel and participate in annual performance reviews as required.
  • Develop and create clinical environments including the adoption and use of current campus technologies
  • Ensure congruence between LCCW’s didactic and clinical programs.
  • Develop an excellent customer service culture in the Health Center.
  • Work with the Dean of Clinical Education to ensure congruence.

Administrative duties

  • Facilitate communication between faculty, students, and administration
  • Serve on the Academic Planning Group (APG) and Curriculum Committee
  • Participate in ongoing institutional self-study process
  • Assess for continuous improvement through course and faculty evaluation
  • Collaborate with the Dean of Clinical Education  in coordinating faculty development events including the adoption and use of current campus technologies
  • Serve as an intermediary in the resolution of student/faculty conflict
  • Assist in recruitment, hiring, orientation, and mentoring highly qualified faculty for the department
  • Ensure clear communication regarding the Health Center’s policies and procedures
  • Oversee the maintenance of individual performance records for each intern while certifying completion of quantitative and qualitative clinical requirements prior to graduation
  • Assist with special projects that relate to the objectives of the department
  • Work with Compliance Officer to participate in assessment of departmental objectives
  • Work with Compliance Officer in outcomes assessment, develop and implement action plans
  • Participate in the strategic and annual planning process of the department


  • Operate with a strategic community and external perspective by connecting and forging partnerships in conjunction with civic engagement
  • Work along side and in collaboration with special projects and outreach coordinated through Institutional Advancement (IA) and the Sports Performance Institute (SPI)
  • Develop and maintain future clinical opportunities for the growing number of LCCW interns, including potential satellite clinical sites, off-site preceptorship opportunities in outstanding clinical environments including sanctioned mission trips and MTA
  • Provide chiropractic clinical opportunities for LCCW students locally and around the world that include LCCW Health Centers, preceptorships and mission trips consistent with the vision and mission of the College


  • Manage clinical programs: Practice Advisors/Mentors, Preceptor, Peer Review, et cetera if/as needed
  • Participate in a variety of College meetings and committees as required including the Senior Executive Group (SEG) membership
  • Participates community organizations, professional organizations
  • Deputize for the Dean of Clinical Education as needed
  • Participates in Quarterly Competency Examinations
  • Participates in the ACC-CCA (chief Clinical Administrators) committee
  • Other duties and responsibilities as needed.


Education, Training and/or Experience

  1. Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) Degree from an accredited program
  2. Current California DC degree
  3. Must have a minimum of ten years experience in private practice
  4.  (chiropractic institution preferred)
  5. Must have a minimum of three years administrative experience

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics

  1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  2. Excellent interpersonal skills
  3. Excellent analytical problem solving skills
  4. Detail oriented with ability to multi-task
  5. Effective project management and organization skills
  6. Ability to work in a diverse population
  7. Traditional chiropractic philosophy


            Three years higher education administrative experience


  • Experience in middle or senior management at an accredited CCE approved curriculum
  • Experience in practice management

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