Educator Licensure Officer

Elmhurst, Illinois
Apr 13, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Job Summary:

Manage licensure-related transcript analysis, licensure articulation (includes recommendation of candidates for State licensure, approvals, and endorsements), maintenance of licensure-related records, and electronic/ telephone/direct interface with the Illinois State Board of Education.

Essential Functions:

College Educator Licensure Officer

This position is required by the IL School Code: 105 ILCS 5/21B-100. Licensure Officers must attend training by the ISBE

1) Transcript Analysis
• Conduct transcript analysis for transfer students seeking licensure; work with program directors to facilitate transfer advising documents for local community colleges.
• Conduct transcript analysis for candidates in program who are seeking a State approval or endorsement beyond their main teaching endorsement.
• Respond to questions from Admission, Registration and Records, and Advising re: graduation analyses.
• Collaborate with Director of Admissions regarding transcripts, entrance tests, etc.

2) State Licensure Articulation
• Work with candidates in program who are seeking a State approval or endorsement beyond their main teaching endorsement.
• Present licensure-related information in classes and seminars as needed.
• Examine endorsement requests submitted by students to determine their accuracy/validity.
• Interpret State licensure policies for EC faculty, candidates, alumni, members of the public, and area administrators as requested.

3) Maintenance of Licensure-Related Records and Data
• Obtain records or transcripts for current or past students requiring documentation of program completion in order to apply for licensure in another state.
• Obtain records or transcripts for past students or local teachers requesting additional approvals or endorsements after completing initial teacher preparation programs at EC.
• Work with the program directors and coordinators and admission director to confirm completion of all requirements for final recommendations for licensure, approvals, endorsements, etc. during students’ final semester prior to licensure.
• Provide information to students and alumni regarding licensure, reciprocity, and related issues, with other states.
• Serve as on-campus authority regarding compliance with the rules and regulations of the ISBE requirements and, in this capacity, respond to questions from the campus and outside the campus.
• Collaborate and assist in submitting mandated reports such as Title II.

4) Interface with the Illinois State Board of Education [ISBE]
• Receive and, when necessary, respond to ISBE communications.
• Serve as major authorized signatory for all licensure-related ISBE paperwork.
• Closely follow changing ISBE developments regarding licensure and send alerts to appropriate faculty for pending changes.
• Entitle or recommend licenses, endorsements, and approvals when appropriate for completers as well as for alumni who complete endorsement requirements as per Department of Education policies.
• Submit any corrections or additions to prior ISBE Entitlement Reports, as needed.
• Complete mandatory ISBE licensure officer training as offered.

5) Transcript analysis, State licensure articulation, maintenance of licensure-related records and data, and interfacing with the ISBE will be completed on a 12-month cycle working three days/week on campus (may work fewer days in summer)

Minimum Qualifications:

1) Master’s degree in education or higher.
2) Working familiarity with Illinois licensure information and procedures preferred.
• Possesses or can easily attain a working knowledge of the coursework required for licensure, approvals, and endorsements.
3) Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Is comfortable with electronic communication and database maintenance, can complete licensure paperwork in an accurate and timely manner, and is able to maintain accurate records of all licensure-related decisions.
• Can work productively and collaboratively with Departmental, College, and State personnel involved in licensure processes.
• Can work in a supportive, informational manner with candidates and potential candidates.
4) Excellent collaboration and organizational skills.
• Is able to organize tasks and work with minimal supervision.
• Can provide one-week turnaround an all requests for information or transcript review.
5) Three years of experience as a licensed teacher or school administrator, middle school and high school experience preferred.
6) Evidence of successful college advising preferred.

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