Adjunct Faculty: Music Production

Cicero, Illinois
Apr 12, 2017
Position Type
Institution Type
Community College

The instructor will teach several music production courses. These courses will be offered during day and evening hours. The responsibilities and duties of the instructor may change as the needs of the college arise.

Specific Job Duties:

• Utilize departmental syllabus template, approved textbooks, and supplemental course materials. 
• Submit personalized course syllabus to Deans’ Office in electronic format one (1) week prior to course start date. 
• Distribute and review comprehensive course syllabus to students no later than the first week of the course. 
• Receive, understand, and follow Course Data Form as distributed by Deans’ Office. 
• Adhere to printed course schedule meeting times and locations.
• Obtain prior approval for any substitute teachers or guest speakers from Deans’ Office. 
• Take and record student attendance each day.
• Respond to e-mails from students, staff, and college administrators in a timely manner while classes are in session using assigned college designated e-mail.
• Check assigned college mailbox regularly.

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