Internet Fraud Analyst

Scottsdale, AZ
Apr 12, 2017
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Outside Academe

Job Description

If you have a STEM degree and spend a lot of time online, we want to interview you. This position stresses intellectual agility and does not require experience.

Apruvd is an eCommerce services startup, providing expert fraud screening for online businesses. We seek web-savvy people who exhibit strong critical thinking and attention to detail. The position involves fast-paced research on both web and social media, in conjunction with risk management. Ideal candidates maintain a strong desire to achieve perfect results in a dynamic environment with a significant learning curve.

  • STEM degree, Associate minimum (Bachelor or higher preferred)
  • Familiarity with advanced Google search and social media search (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Basic understanding of web and ecommerce concepts, especially IP, email, and online shopping
  • Desire to work in a collaborative, non-competitive environment
  • Mental stamina and consistent focus
  • Availability and desire to work overtime during the holiday season

Helpful, but not required, attributes:
  • Fast, high-accuracy keyboard and mouse control, especially with a PC gaming background
  • Articulate, engaging, well-spoken
  • Any level of programming experience, especially JavaScript, Python, PHP, .NET, HTML5, CSS3

Salary and benefits:
  • $37-43k/yr starting base depending on skill sets, plus $10-15k/yr non-competitive, department-wide bonuses (issued monthly).
  • Significant opportunity for raises and both vertical and horizontal growth within the company
  • 100% employer-covered medical insurance
  • Comfortable, open office environment with numerous amenities and relaxed attire
  • Flexible hours, paid vacation, and opportunity to work from home
  • Opportunities for social, sales-minded individuals to travel for conferences

We are a small company with an extremely flat hierarchy and friendly culture. Candidates will be provided continual, extensive training with consistent personal access to the founders.

Company Description
Apruvd is a guaranteed fraud screening service that combines cutting edge technology with a focus on human involvement to deliver fast, accurate decisions. By guaranteeing payments and resolving risk factors to approve more orders, we provide a strong backup or alternative to in-house fraud prevention teams and rules-based fraud analysis systems. Our clients include leading companies from the Fortune 1000 and Internet Retailer Top 500.

We believe in one principle: merchants deserve to grow without getting tripped up by credit card fraud. eCommerce businesses take on substantial risk to sell products and services online, and managing that risk is difficult and expensive. Our mission is to provide a cost-effective solution that can be sustained over the long term.

Scottsdale, AZ


Wed, 5 Apr 2017 14:04:13 PDT