Instructor of Biology

Modesto, California
$55,384 to $103,694 per year, plus an annual $2,374 stipend for an earned doctorate.
Apr 11, 2017
Position Type
Tenured & Tenure-Track
Institution Type
Community College

Modesto Junior College


Instructor of Biology

Tenure Track Position

Salary: Placement on the Yosemite Community College District salary schedule dependent upon education and experience. 2015-2016 Salary Schedule – $55,384 to $103,694 per year, plus an annual $2,374 stipend for an earned doctorate. New personnel limited to a maximum tenth step initial placement based on previous experience – maximum equals $80,856

Deadline: 05/08/2017


Complete job description and application available online at:   


Required Quals Summary    

Minimum Qualifications:

Master’s Degree in biology OR Bachelor’s degree in any biological science AND a Master’s degree in biochemistry, biophysics, or marine science OR possess a valid California Community College instructor credential for service in the subject OR the equivalent.


Knowledge of and ability to appraise the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic back-grounds of community college students. Sensitivity to the needs, problems and challenges associated with the diversity of the community college student population.


Job Description Summary    

• Teach any of the Biology courses, as staffing needs require, during day, evening or summer at the main campus or other off-campus sites. A hypothetical annual teaching load could include courses in a variety of sub-disciplines: Non-majors General Biology, Cellular, Organismal, and Pre-Allied Health. Some courses employ a combination of lecture, laboratory, small group, field, and computer-aided instruction. Opportunities exist to teach field courses at Baker’s Station:

• Advancing equitable student learning through dedicated, exemplary instruction in accordance with established course outlines.

• Informing students of course requirements, evaluation procedures and attendance requirements.

• Preparing and grading class assignments and examinations and informing students of their academic progress.

• Maintaining attendance, scholastic, and other records and submitting them according to published policies and deadlines.

• Attending department, division, and college-wide meetings on a regular basis.

• Posting and holding sufficient and regular office hours in accordance with prevailing policy.

• Developing and implementing student learning outcomes, assessment processes for courses and programs.

• Collaborating in the development and revision of curriculum and in program review.

• Engaging in department program improvement initiatives.

• Participating in department, division, and college committees.

• Participating in professional development activities, both departmental and college-wide, especially in connection to statewide initiatives.

• Engaging in data inquiry and self-assessment to develop strategies for student success, persistence, and equity.

• Maintaining current knowledge in the subject matter area and effective teaching/learning strategies.

• Maintaining appropriate standards of professional conduct and ethics.

• Engaging in the college’s participatory governance processes.

• Perform other duties as assigned.


Preferred Qualifications    

• Experience as a full-time or part-time instructor (beyond teaching assistant) at the collegiate level. Community college teaching experience preferred. 

• Record of scholarship in teaching. 

• Demonstrated experience with various teaching methods and assessment techniques, including a constructivist approach to education.

• Commitment to recruiting students and expanding the biology program.

• Awesome teaching skills in Non-majors General Biology.

• Demonstrated ability in developing and using current technology for instructional data acquisition and analysis.


Desirable Characteristics    

• Ability to develop curriculum or services that stress innovation and inclusion.

• Capacity to appreciate and incorporate in teaching activities, the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains of learning and metacognitive skill acquisition.

• Enthusiasm for the subject matter, the learning process, and teaching. 

• Commitment to supportive relationships with students.

• Willingness to experiment with teaching methods to accommodate various student learning styles.

• Participation in professional growth activities and commitment to fluency in new educational and biological ideas.

• Operate effectively in an environment of change and ambiguity.

• Provide vision and energy to plan and organize programs to enhance student success and learning.

• Willingness to participate effectively in shared governance.

• Evidence of effective interpersonal communication skills, participation in community affairs, and ability to conduct effective public presentations.

• Sensitivity to the needs and challenges associated with a small, rural, and diverse community.

• Ability to use available technologies as a teaching and/or student service tool.


YCCD is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.